Is Gwen Returning To ‘The Voice’ For Season 9? (Updated)


NBC has confirmed and announced that Gwen will be returning for season 9 of The Voice. Auditions are set to start later this month and the show will air on NBC this fall.


Tickets guru 1iota have updated their page for The Voice and list Gwen’s name as a Star Coach for both season 7 and upcoming season 9. We’re not sure if it’s a misprint or if they’ve spilled the beans on her return to the reality show this fall.

The Voice have yet to release official details on the upcoming season and are expected to start filming in Los Angeles in the next month. TMZ first reported that Gwen was joining NBC’s hit show back in April of last year for season 7 so an announcement seems overdue. Singer Christina Aguilera returned for season 8 (which just wrapped up this week) and is rumored to hit the road to promote her upcoming album in the next few months so it would be a perfect opportunity for Gwen to return to the iconic red chair.

When asked in a poll, our visitors voted overwhelming that yes, they would like to see Gwen return to The Voice for another season.

In her recent interview feature with ELLE magazine, Gwen shared that she’s doing her best to catch up on The Voice this past season.

Personally, it was a lot of fun (and a lot of work!) following Gwen and her journey on The Voice during season 7. We would love to see her return to the show and hope it opens up more opportunities for her to take advantage of. The promotion would also be a nice push for her upcoming solo album that she’s hard at work putting together.

Again, it’s not officially confirmed that she will be returning for season 9 but 1iota is a pretty reliable source. We’ll have to wait and see! Would you like to see her back this fall on The Voice?

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14 Replies to “Is Gwen Returning To ‘The Voice’ For Season 9? (Updated)”

    1. It’s still there. It’s listed under “about the show”: “The Voice” is America’s top Vocal Competition show, with Star Coaches such as Blake Shelton (S1-9), Adam Levine (S1-9), Christina Aguilera (S1-3,5,8), Cee Lo Green (S1-3,5), Usher (S4,6), Shakira (S4,6), Pharrell Williams (S7-S9) and Gwen Stefani (S7,S9).”

    1. It’s crazy if they’ve “known” that Gwen will be returning since last October. The cast (including Gwen) has done an excellent job saying that they would love to have her back and in time she was already “in-talks” or “contracted” to come back all along. We’ll have to see but it wouldn’t surprise me considering how well-received she was on season 7.

  1. Meh, the media often makes mistakes or is presumptuous. I’d wait for something official from Gwen or NBC. It’s weird that nothing has been announced.

  2. Leah: They usually do falland spring its ratherexhausting lol. I didnt watch this season but will watch 9 for gwen. Watched 1-3 thrn they started doubling up 2x Year.

    i dont want her to be there, if she doesnt get that solo record out in this year nor if she doesnt promote that album nor get more fans.

  4. would love to see someone new like Miranda lambert, Carrie underwood, just somebody other than Gwen & Christina. Love them both but want to see somebody differant!! Please thank you.. Traci

  5. I’d love it if they got rid of douche bag Adam and put in a second girl next to Gwen. I just cant believe there hasn’t been an official announcement about who’s returning, I think its a lil over due now

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