“Baby Don’t Lie” Premiering Sunday Oct. 19 (Updated)

“Baby Don’t Lie” is now available!


Official update!

“Baby Don’t Lie” has officially been added to PlayIGA.com with a release set for Sunday, October 19! “Baby Don’t Lie” will be available on iTunes this Sunday starting at 9:00 PM PST and midnight EST and will start impacting AC and pop radio on Monday, October 20. A single cover doesn’t seem to be available so we’ll have to wait a few more days!

“Baby Don’t Lie” will also be impacting Rhythm radio on October 28 as well as Top 40 and Hot AC on October 19.

Gwen’s manager confirmed that she is working hard on finishing up her new solo album and aiming for a December release.



According to a Tweet this morning from Haze Radio, “Baby Don’t Lie” is set to premiere on pop radio this Sunday, October 19, at midnight EST and 9:00 PM PST. The Star 94.1 radio program director was one of the first sources claiming to hear “Baby Don’t Lie” and he’s predicting it will be a hit for Gwen.

All dates are still unconfirmed at this time but we’re crossing our fingers!


Both Benny Blanco and Ryan Tedder (co-writers for Gwen’s possible upcoming single “Baby Don’t Lie”) Tweeted out about the track asking Gwen if she’s ready along with a “t-minus” Tweet. Maybe the single will be dropping sooner rather than later!

Interscope confirmed to Billboard that there was a delay with “Baby Don’t Lie”, but previous reports stated that the single was heading to radio tomorrow, October 14.

Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani.

217 Replies to ““Baby Don’t Lie” Premiering Sunday Oct. 19 (Updated)”

  1. I hope its before the We Can Survive event otherwise a lot of people including me wil go bananas not in a good way :X

  2. I have mixed feelings about this! Of course one side of me is dying to hear new music from gwen while the other half of me wants this era to be properly promoted considering push and shove was such a disaster…I am not sure if releasing the single as a surprise without an announcement would be a smart choice. I would like to see the 1st single released early november so gwen can perform it on the voice, talk shows and the amas to help get the song to number one!

  3. i think its the way of the future… “surprise” single drops then releasing a buzz single one every week with three weeks to album release…

  4. I think it would be cool to have a surprise single drop … it’s the perfect time …she’s gonna be one of the headliners at we can survive on the 27th …. you would think a new single would be out by then …There’s only so many times gwen can over perform Holla back girl. Baby don’t lie has to premiere very soon or Gwen’s gonna look kinda strange performing all old songs at the event. This is all so confusing… I mean she has shot the music video, so the single has got to be here sooner rather than later.

  5. I respect Gwen always have always will but this new solo album / single that rumored/ confermed
    to be coming out I’m just not excited at all. #justsaying

  6. I wonder if it was really supposed to come out last night and they took to twitter to throw some shade? You know how interscope is… “we been walking down this road…” could mean like interscope have changed their minds about the lead single. Omg I’m kind of getting P&S teas tbh. :S

  7. ^ but that would just hurt Gwen in the end. Hope that’s not the case. Although, doesn’t seem that far fetched at this point 🙁

  8. Well, I don’t know what’s going on, but I know that it is once again just super lame. It’s funny how such odd things never happen to any of the other artists/bands I follow. It’s always just ND/Gwen. They need to get away from Interscope. I feel like Gwen’s solo comeback is already doomed, because things appear to be just as messy as the P&S era.

  9. Technically the full first line is “we been walking down this road for some time.”

    You guys are funny. Try to stop stressing out, it’s all going to be fine 🙂

    1. Thanks for confirming the lyrics 🙂 So… do you know anything about the tweets from Blanco and Tedder? Is the single coming today, or are they just teasing? 😉

  10. I’m not too worried either. I have confidence in her team this time around and they are just planning it to benefit Gwen the most. I’m sure we will hear something by the end of October at the latest.

    Thanks Kristen as always for your insight! 🙂

  11. People, stop dooming this era! Stop with the bad thoughts, I’m afraid it will atract disaster!!!!! Seriously, though. People weren’t supposed to know about any of this, and when it came as a surprise, they were still planning it all. Things were not entirely decided, so we can’t expect anything until there’s an official confirmation from Gwen or her team.

  12. Sunday is quite a weird day to release new music, isn’t it? Well, I’ll wait and see if this is the right date now.

  13. Finally something official to look forward to. Can’t wait to hear it. I hope it becomes available on iTunes immediately.

  14. I think I have a knot in my stomach now from all of this delayed single business… Let alone waiting 8 years for another solo album…lol just be thankful that it’s coming, it’s Gwen’s season

  15. Whatcha waiting, whatcha waiting, whatcha waiting FOR….

    take a chance you stupid…

    I seriously hope the single leaks before Sunday. Call me selfish I don’t care.

  16. I doubt it will. 1st single releases hardly leak. I hope it won’t leak. And make sure you guys buy the single on iTunes and won’t share it. We definitely need to put her back on the charts.

  17. ND LOVER-

    I will be the first one to buy the single but the anticipation is killing me. I wanna hear a snippet or the track in full but I definitely can’t wait another 6 days. It is too damn difficult…

  18. I’m secretly hoping it leaks. Regardless I’m still going to purchase the track on iTunes and anywhere I can. Call me a stalker but I bought 20 copies of return of Saturn just because it wasn’t selling well lol I’m all for getting gwen back on the charts!

  19. If all of us gifted the song to friends through iTunes it’d increase the sales. Just consider it, guys! 😉

  20. I don’t think there’s any chance of an early leak. Like NDLOVER said, songs rarely leak anymore these days, especially not a-list releases. Interscope will make sure this is completely locked up until the release. SD didn’t leak either, if I remember correctly. But maybe some radio stations will break the rules and play a preview of the song a little earlier. That happened with Taylor Swift’s new (promo) single.

  21. I’m curious about her visuals in the new video. I hope she wears at least some cool and fun wigs, since she hasn’t done anything too drastic to her hair lately…

  22. Yes, her styling during the P&S era was a little bit to toned down and “basic” for me. I know she’s older now, but I hope she brings back some of the craziness from her previous solo eras.

  23. Has Gwen said anything about this yet? It’s so odd. Where’s the promo? The buzz? Why doesn’t she have a website up? Maybe some artists can get away with dropping surprise singles, but I think Gwen needs/deserves a lot of promo/buzz since she’s been out of the game for awhile. Does The Voice allow coaches to debut music videos? That would be cool.

    1. No, she hasn’t. I think they are really aiming for a “surpise!” single but the whole no promotion (as of now) has me feeling a little unsettled — but I have confidence in her new team. They’ve done everything right so far!

    2. I kinda agree with you, but I guess they are trying to create some sort of “Boom! She’s back!” situation. This is quite risky, though. There have been some rumours that the BDL music video might premiere on The Voice on Monday, so that would be some good promo to start with I guess.

      But yes, I also think it is a little odd that Gwen herself hasn’t mentiond it at all so far. She didn’t even reply to Benny Blanco’s tweet when he asked her, if she was ready for the single to be released.

  24. I am skeptical about the release date still because our chain keeps getting yanked…don’t believe until you actually hear it for yourselves.

  25. Jenny, I though interscope confirmed this date yesterday. have they not?

    As for promo. I honestly don’t think she needs that much. There’s already been buzz in the air for a month or so, plus she’s kind of everywhere now because of the voice.
    These are old school models of promotion. Too much hype and announcements more than 2 weeks before a release are detrimental. People are too impatient these days.

  26. The Voice is a great stepping stone, but it does not guarentee success. It’s been hit or miss for the other coaches. I wish she’d at least tweet about it if it’s happening only a few days from now. Oh well. We will see.

  27. I hope gwen adapts the lamb spring new nomad look.. Bring on the neon eye liners, bold lips, braids, hairpins and lots of colors 🙂

  28. I think that Gwen’s new album will organically reflect the fashion choices she makes. I want good music above anything else–and the fashion should just naturally follow. Her style is always on point.

  29. I guess I will only be able to listen to the new song on Monday morning, considering I’m in Europe. 😒 At least I will wake up to new music!

  30. I’ll probably get attacked for this but I do not like the new single. Generic pop, none of the quirkiness that I love about Gwen.

  31. I love the “songs don’t leak anymore!” posts on here. It still happens all. the. time. I’m not sure if this is the huge hit we were looking for, but I like it. Need to listen to it some more before really deciding.

    Now she should release the song early because of the leak.

  32. I actually do like it! I think it sounds very current, which is good for a first single. I don’t think she will have a problem getting this played a lot on the radio. I for one sure hope so! I hope this era is successful so we can bring back No Doubt too!
    Also I don’t usually listen to leaks but I couldn’t help myself. I hate waiting till midnight on the east coast when I have work the next day. But I’ll be downloading it first thing Monday morning!

  33. To be honest it sounds really amazing. So so much better than I was expecting. This is such a FINE comeback. (Fergie, take notes.) I gotta agree that it’s a safe song but I don’t blame her, especially after the P&S era. This better get a killer video.

  34. Why are my comments always monitored? And if I would have posted the leaked it would have been yanked down 👇 immediately!

  35. I WONDER WHERE THE FCK IS THE chros said by “kristine” “the oohh man i dont hear it” it is not as good as the raper one.

  36. I mean I love no doubt. I have since 1994 but Gwen is just amazing solo! The music industry really doesn’t have a place for rock or ska like no doubt ..but this new single by gwen? It’s fire!!!! Definitely sounds different than anything else I’ve heard but still so modern and that’s what Gwen needs to stay competitive in this music industry today. 🙂

  37. I like it the more I hear it. Listen to it on a good stereo/headpones with bass. I have a slight echo effect going on with the settings on my stereo and along with deep bass it sounds reall good loud.

    It is not quirky like a lot of her other solo stuff. Not this single an\yway. I imagine the album will have at least a few songs that are more out there.

    It is pretty close to what I was expecting… Modern, more straight forward and something that fits in with what is on a lot of radio lately. If that is a good thing or not depends on your taste.

    I think it’s catchy and fun. I have only listened to it about 6 times and it’s already stuck in my head. I can see remixes being played in clubs and commercially pretty successful.

  38. If this is what “modern” sounds like, id rather live in another century.
    I don’t mind the song at all. It’s cute at best.
    It’s just an unfortunate and uncreative approach to making music. You take the sounds and trends that are currently making MONEY and you MOLD yourself into them. Pharrell, for example, who also makes pop music, would never think of making a song like this. I’m glad she’s worked with him.
    It reminds me of shakira. Oof. I like that she’s done something different to her voice. Auto tune or whatever, at least the vox are different for her.
    But ihave to say, this song makes her seem old. For the first time ever Gwen is a wannabe 🙁

  39. Pharrell has actually produced alot.of the songs on her new.record coming out so your argument saying … pharrell wouldn’t do this …is ridiculous… lol pharrell loves gwen, he’s a huge part on her new cd coming out soon. She’s constantly in the studio with him.

  40. ^ that’s what I meant. Im.glad pharrell is all over the album because he would never make such an uninspired song.

  41. I don’t think she’s “wannabe” at all she’s still unique …This sounds nothing like anything on the radio …but I can still see it being played and becoming huge cuz it’s very modern…whether you want to admit it or not ..that’s music nowadays and she’s coming back strong! As far as calling her a.wannabe? Really ? Gwen stefani will always have her uniqueness in her solo songs or no doubt … she’s gwen freaking stefani! Some.of you haters need to take a seat!

  42. “Uninspired song”? I’m sorry and “settle down” by no doubt or #hollabackgirl by Gwen. (which was a HUGE hit) was so awwwe inspiring lol … This will be a big hit for Gwen.

  43. yea i agree, this song is not GOOD come on,, dunno whats going on……… the song is too common, relax i like the intro part only… but at riahanas song rudeboy, its completely different with the same style.. WHY GWENNNNNN where is ur wywf wiu songs..

  44. You people are such haters this song is fire! I love it …and so far all over the place people are loving it … such a great song! Can’t wait to hear it in the clubs! Can’t wait to hear remixes of it … yessss!

  45. Music is like fashion; it evolves and there are trends. We may not be used to Gwen being this type of trendy or “modern” as a lot of said but I don’t think it’s a mistake. First of all it’s just a song. I mean, really, it’s just a song. Like fashion there will be other shoes, other seasons, and maybe even parachute pants.

    She always talks about music being a small representation of a moment. She’s having so many inspired moments right now, I think like the LAMB era this will give way to much more. I personally dig this song and I’m really excited to hear the rest of the album

  46. ^^^ see you totally get it ….music can’t stay the same as the past or else…it won’t get airplay …. Gwen has made a very good decision making this her first.single and it’s as modern as it can get. So happy for her! Finally I feel Gwen is gonna get the attention she really deserves! That last no doubt record did nothing for her!

  47. You’re right. Gwen is not a wannabe and I should take a seat for saying that BUT I think this song makes her seem like one. Just because she is conforming to an extent that I’ve never seen her to do before.
    Sorry, I just have high expectations. Of course I wish her the best and want her to succeed.
    And this does sound like every other song on the radio! That’s exactly my problem with it.

  48. After a few more listens, I’m still not in love with the song like some are, but I think it’s alright and par for the course with what’s out now. It reminds me a lot of what Maroon 5 sounds like lately. I just hope the rest of the album doesn’t sound like this.

  49. Looks like the website that originally leaked it took it down … due to copyright complaints … I knew that shit was gonna happen… I feel guilty for even listening to it cuz it leaked … Gwen was supposed to be on Ryan seacrest om Monday morning dropping it … ugh but I couldn’t resist !

  50. Agree, Amanda. It does sound like recent Maroon 5. Eh, I don’t like it, but this kind of pop isn’t really my thing. I’m still happy to hear new music, though!

  51. I’m surprised Jenny hasn’t deleted the links yet too LOL I don’t feel guilty for listening because I know I will purchase the single and buy the album anyway. Besides, some “leaks” are on purpose.

  52. I wonder if this is just one track on the album that features a sound like this…Gwen is known for her eclectic taste and I am sure she will showcase it on the new album.

  53. I quite like the song! It is a different sound for gwen considering her last solo albums. It doesnt really sound like any of those songs. I think if promoted properly it will be a hit. Also love the single artwork! Very retro with a modern look. Nicely done gwen.

  54. It was along the same lines as the music played during the lamb fashion show for spring. It’s dope. I just need someone like Missy to rap in the end lol make it happen Gwen 🙂 I’m lovin the tribal beats !!!

  55. The song is super mainstream and not for the target audience that most of no doubt fans are. The last time Gwen put a record out was a decade ago. She needs new fans. I think the song covers that, like it or not.

  56. I wonder if they remixed it because this is NOT the version my Interscope record rep played for me. I was wondering why the hell “lamb” was being so rude about what I’d said regarding the chorus of men chanting “ooh’s” after the chorus, but now that I’ve listened I understand their confusion because the men’s voices have been replaced with some weird synth sound. I’m talking about the :50-1:00 mark of the song, right after the actual chorus. Ew, I really hope this is some shitty remix. And whoever said this song reminds them of Shakira – YES, that’s totally what I meant when the word “tribal” kept coming to mind.

    1. Oh wow that really sucks! I was super excited when I read you first description, because I thought it sounded really promising. When I heard this leaked version today I was like “Wtf was this girl talking about?!” haha. It sounds nothing like how you described it. Oh god, I hope the original version will be the real thing… I’m not feeling this leaked version at all.

  57. Seriously guys it sounds like a club remix of the actual song. I’m guessing some idiot go their hands on the track and “leaked” their remix of it. I, for one, am furious with that moron. This is a lot faster than the real version. I’m sad you all heard this first.

  58. I think it’s a good mix of the ”tribal”, bass-driven sound of her first two records with the kind of pop sound that is trending right now. Thought for today’s radio but still ”her”. Doesn’t excite me like her other music but it’s a good comeback single.

  59. It’s very lukewarm. Horrible comeback single choice. You don’t release mid-tempo songs as a comeback single. That’s a fact. Look at Taylor Swift – Shake It Off vs. Fergie – L.A Love for a prime example of how to and how not to do a comeback.

  60. Doom, correct, this is not the real track. Unless they reworked it since my rep played it for me! But I highly doubt that. This is a little more synth-y and sped-up than the original version. You’ve all basically heard the song though, just a crap version of it.

    I didn’t want to inject my opinion into the first listen review I gave you guys, but I too am only lukewarm on BDL and am guessing the trendy sound was strategy. I trust the tracks she made with Pharrell will be more what we’re expecting in terms of uniqueness.

  61. The song also reminds me of Shakira. I like the song for the first time I listened to it. But the weak points in my oponion is that the lyrics are kinda poor, but I’m glad its not about drinking and sex. I hope it do well in the charts, I wish the best to Gwen, now Imma listen to Baby Don’t Lie all day. The way Kristen told us about the song I was expecting the “oooh” to be longer and deeper and the beat to be as tribal as “this isn’t our parade” by Santigold. I hope this new generation like the song.

  62. The instrumental also reminds me of The Amo, by Rihanna. I’m not criticizing, I just like to find similarity between songs. ^^ I loved BDL.

  63. I’m interested to hear a different version if it’s true that this one is a remix. Maybe the delay in releasing the song was because they wanted to retool it?

  64. I didn’t want to comment on anything because whats floating around might possibly not be the “official version”, but after first feeling a little let down — I love it. Its very different than what she’s put out in the past, but the sound comes pretty full circle. I really love Gwen’s vocal delivery too — ragga-ish, deep, mature and lovely. I want to hold my final judgement until after I buy ii on iTunes but it’s growing on me for sure now.

    If it does turn out to be the final product, I’m very happy with it.

  65. I’m listening to a full version online that seems to be the final one, and I like it! Even if it lets down some hardcore fans, I think it’ll be a huge radio hit, which seems to be the goal anyway.

  66. Always people who are “haters” are the ones searching more reviews, articles etc than the “fans”. I don’t mind negative opinions but the repite mode of some from the same person gets old. I don’t thing the song wil bomb, she will have to promote the hell out of it. I don’t care for reviews, just how it does on charts. Remember that there is a whole generation that don’t know Gwen as a solo artist.

  67. I hope this gets her some new fans. This exact song has been on the radio for the past 3 years in many incarnations. Obviously that’s what they were going for. Hopefully it works for Gwen.
    Im not a hater by any means. I love Gwen and the band, hence why I am here.
    I’m just shocked at how flat and uninteresting this song is. I guess pop music is in a dire place at the moment, hence this vapid song. As many have said, the album will most likely have different sounds. I look forward to hearing something with a bit more heart and soul.

  68. I mean look at Pitbull, I doubt he’s a critics darling lol but how many top tens he has? Also he has like 20 millions followers on twitter and all his songs are shit, but people love the hell of out of them. Also a big part of success is about how you play the media, look at Beyonce and Jay-Z they know this game like not other. Sadly now is not only about the quality of music or even music.

  69. I didn’t LIE to anyone. It’s possible it was remixed after my Interscope rep came to play it for me a month ago.

    It’s been brought to my attention that two different leaks were available. My previous comments only apply to the sped-up, pitched version.

    As for the slower version, it’s the right pace and all the notes are in the right place, but the arrangement is different, i.e. there’s a synth instead of the men chanting “ooh” after the chorus. I personally feel it was an unfinished version of the song that leaked, but someone on Twitter who has a friend “working on the project” tells me it was remixed and remastered last week, long after it was played for me at the station.

    All I can say is we get the official single tomorrow and I’m not saying anything else. No one needs to be a jerk.

  70. Generic, uninspired, sell out, pop standard track. No depth. No real emotion. Gwen is a puppet doing others songs and hopefully lyrics, cause these lyrics are awful. Its more about studio trickery than real emotion or art. I feel Gwen has been brain washed. She will never be the Gwen from the 90’s and early 00’s. RIP ND. 🙁 I feel bad for Tom Adrian and Tony and the real fans of ND too. I miss you guys.

  71. Guys please help me out! Every website I get on to hear the song keeps telling me when I go to play it invalid source is there something I need to download??? Thanks in advance….

  72. As always Kristen thank you for all your insight. Im happy with the song but my expecttions weren’t high. I did not want to feel disappointed on something I didn’t know what to expect.

  73. Kristen, I feel sorry about those comments. I believe that some people here are childish and they don’t think twice before posting. We appreciate your feedback and we understand that the final song may have suffered some alterations, a slight different re-mix. Thanks anyway for sharing that info last month, cause it meant a lot.

  74. Clearly what Kristen heard was the song at the time. We know there was a delay…maybe we know why. Perhaps it was remixed. A movie gets twisted till the day its released at a premiere. Even though test audiences have seen it.

  75. I’m so glad that Kirsten shares all those infos with us. Now I really hope that there will be a different (and better) version of that song on iTunes.

  76. Everyone who’s saying the lyrics are too vapid don’t sound like they pay much attention to Gwen’s lyrics? They’re still just as neurotic as ever. Neurotic lover is one of her biggest point of views and the lyrics are in like with that. They’re really not bad. Did you think saying this “shit is bananas” was vapid?

    ALSO, lest we forget 4 in the morning. That song was totally conforming to radio hits and the lyrics were a little plain – but still in line with Gwen’s neurotic lyric style. What’re you hiding?

    I know the song writing here is nowhere near the genius of anything on No Doubt’s Return of Saturn album, but give it a chance. Everyone is so quick to crucify her. There’s a lot of little flairs in this song that say Gwen. and it really gets better with repeated listens.

  77. Plus I’m super thankful for Kristin’s input, but honestly I think I like this version better. The part of the comparison that stuck out a lot to me was “Rumor Has It.” I thought the chorus of that song was extremely repetive and annoying, and I don’t really want Gwen sounding like that. I think the verses sound like “Don’t Tell Em” still. Idk how much they’ve changed.

  78. Thank You Bradley and ITA also there is no way she doesn’t perfom it next week at the “We can Survive” event, I’m more excited how the song works live.

  79. If gwen didn’t start giving in and churning out a pop song fast … you all know how if gwen is working by herself she is lagging on songwriting…. she always has writers block … If she didn’t conform to today’s music …. we would be waiting for a single from her until she was 50…. I think her management team know exactly what she’s doing … and all you guys hating on it ….you know she’s gonna get a whole lot of new fans going this direction. … so you win some you lose some…I love this song! And I really hope the song we heard is the actual song!!!!

  80. I don’t see a problem with the lyrics. For me, it’s the way she sings the song. How she extends the word “you” or “lie”. That reminds me so much of Maps and I hate that song.

  81. Great song! great way for gwen too be in 2014! She will never be gwen from the 90’s or 00’s she’s a 45 year old woman now. This will be a hit because it has the formula of a hit. We don’t want another push and shove (even though I love the album) new generation doesnt know or feel that. Gwen is a genius and her new managemnet as well. To keep Gwen & nodoubt alive in the next 1-3 more years this is what 2014 music is so get over it and get into it and if your a true fan go to iTunes tomorrow and give gwen her Props for being in da game almost 20 years. #BABYDONTlie cuz I ain’t I smell a hit and comeback

  82. Kristen-

    I love the fact that you were so kind to share the exclusive info about the song when you didn’t have to. I will take insider info any day and please don’t let the negative nellys ever deter you from sharing with us.

  83. Kristen I just downloaded the version your talking about… This is not the version I was hearing yesterday on all those websites…but I have to admit I like the faster one better…


    lets please not be just a bunch of fans that are STANS, lets be our die-heart ND selfs but also objective. Being objective and honest isnt a bad thing and Gwen would rather have that than just STANS for fans.


    people that left comments that arent on a website dedicated to ND/Gwen

    i dont think the songs gonna do well…..i hope they release a 2nd single fast

  85. Lets all be honest, if this wasnt GWEN STEFANI, we would not be giving it a second listen or waiting at the edge of our seats for it to be on iTunes! we sooooo badly want to like it & im trying real hard to—- it falls flat

  86. ^ not surprised by this. People aren’t stupid. It’s a bad song. Regardless of personal taste, at the end of the day its clearly a poorly written song. I really hope for gwens sake it does well, but I can’t imagine how it would. The initial hype will give it a push but not much more after that.
    How could this even compete with shake it off?

  87. Stereogum isn’t the best site to go fish for comments. The readers there are more alternative and don’t usually care about mainstream music or what’s in the top 40 at all. Actually every time they post something more Pop or current they’re always so negative and nasty with the comments.

  88. Actually Gwen’s new song is better than Taylor’s, but again that’s my opinion. Opinions are like ass holes everyone’s got one. If you don’t like BDL then boycott it, Bob! Don’t try to drag others. There’s market for this single, if you don’t like, then I guess it’s your prob. not Gwen’s.

  89. As someone said before sometimes labels “leak” songs on purpose to gauge public reaction. Seeing how this version has received so many mixed reactions (mostly negative) they might release a different version, possibly the one Kirsten heard last month.

  90. I know that a lot of fans (especially reading the comments on this post) are not digging the song, which doesn’t surprise me because it sounds clearly set just to get her back onto the charts again. But, people also need to realize it’s not 2004 anymore and she’s working with others that are known for quick radio hits so it’s expected. Even though “Baby Don’t Lie” doesn’t blow me away, it’s fun.

    People are allowed to have their own opinions about the song, I just ask for everyone to be respectful to Gwen, her team and each other.

  91. NDLOVER its not just that website, its all of them, youre one of the biggest STANS on here—& thats not a bad thing or a jab at you—-all artist have fans like you. Gwen could release a track of just her breathing and fans like you would still not budge, its cute gwen/nd has fans like you lol

  92. Whoa. So much negativity in one place. Energy probably best spent elsewhere. If you really care that much about however much the song has dissapointed/impressed you, that’s on you – not Gwen. Whether or not you care for the song, it’s solid and will do really well. It’s catcy. It’s simple. It’s fun. And it still sounds like Gwen. Deal with it.

  93. @JENNY, im always respectful cuz i LOVE gwen more than anything, but I’m a STAN and gonna make excuses for anything& everything possible.

    the bottom line is, in this time in music, promotion and a label/team behind a song and project doesnt matter much.

    if the material is good, the music will have wings and fly ON ITS OWN.

  94. please dont misread anything im saying as negative, im only pointing things out. I LOVE GWEN! I’m gonna spend $30 on this single tonight cuz i support/love GWEN!

  95. You got a point there Jenny! It’s not 2004 anymore. Plus people have to realize that artists go through so many different personas during their careers, just look at Madonna, Rihanna, Kylie, etc. I know many No Doubters don’t like to compare Gwen to those kind of artists, but once she goes solo and releases that kind of mainstream Pop / Dance then they’re all in the same box, wanting it or not.
    Try to distance her from No Doubt and you’ll see how she’s not much different from those other women. Now if her material had more quality that’s debatable. Probably in the next 10 years we’ll be having the same conversation and say how amazing BDL was in comparison to her 55 year old self.
    I’d be more worried if this song was No Doubt tbh. And can I be honest? BDL actually sounds better than expected. I also didn’t have high hopes for this comeback anyway.

  96. GILIPOLLAS, exactly! At the end of the day Gwen knows she will lose but also gain a fan by each new song she decided whether it’s No Doubt or solo.

    1. Aw thanks! I get what you mean though. Honestly, I’ll be the first to admit that Push and Shove didn’t blow me away either but I still respect the integrity and work that the band put into the record, same with “Baby Don’t Lie”. I just love this band so much and want to see them succeed in everything they do. Its hard to not want them to repeat Tragic Kingdom or Return of Saturn (basically my childhood) but everyone at some point needs to move on and this band has always been great at embracing change for the good.

      I have faith!

  97. Hahaha! You’re not a stan, Bob! But still you’ll spend $30 dollars on the new single that you have no interest at all. Go hard then! Gift it away!

  98. well i am gonna gift it away cuz thats prob the only way theyll have it. if this wasnt gwen i wouldnt buy it either :/ i have faith in the rest of her project—-especially what shes done with pharrell

  99. This is probably the post with most comments on BSO, no?

    Bob, no hard feelings though. Sometimes we can be a bit too passionate about Gwen / ND, but at the end of the day we’re all fans. For some reason we keep coming back for more.

    I’m not the biggest fan of this single but I also don’t think it’s her worst solo song yet. Probably Gwen and her label wanted something more generic and I really think The Voice audience will eat this up and it may snowball into something huge. I can see it topping the chart for not for long. At this point I’m more interested in seeing the video and the live performaces. You got to admit that this song has more potential live.

  100. I think some of you are getting your hopes too high. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I don’t see this song “topping” any charts for very long. I expect it to be a moderate success like Settle Down and some of her other solo songs were. Now if the Calvin Harris collab was released….I would expect that to be very successful!

  101. I don’t think it will top charts but a top 20 for someone who has not release a solo record in a decade is ok. Yes its getting mixed reviews but probably the site with more negative comments is this one. Also someone said if the material is good it will do well, I have to disagree with that, so many examples of top ten singles the last 2 years are/were shit. People these days just like catchy songs.

    Don’t get crazy or mad but Gwen is not Madonna, Beyonce etc, meaning she had a normal size audience with ND and a bigger (not huge) one with her solo career but to say everyone and their mother was waiting for her to come back is just not true. Also her profile as a celebrity has diminished a lot in the last decade. Finally promotion does matter. The Voice was an excellent move. I trust Irving azoff and his team more than some “experts” here.

  102. in fact, if it is not worth, i wont buy the single, i didnt do it with p&s cd nor with this one. Just waiting to hear the version the r going to give away tonight. and Thats it. Started to think that Gwen lost her Magic in making songs, its time to move on.

  103. @jossy Gwen is by far the best there is no comparision with beyonce and maddona, Gwen is the best. Or at least used to be.

  104. I noticed the mixed/negative reactions all over the internet, but I don’t think those really mean anything. I remember when Rihanna’s “Umbrella” leaked, everybody seemed to hate it lol. The same happened to Britney’s “Scream & Shout” and look what happened to both songs eventually. I don’t think Gwen was looking for critical acclaim when she recorded BDL

  105. I think this song is going to be big. I really like it, and I hate most mainstream music. I’m not sure if Gwen/ND can really win with die hard fans anymore. Everyone has their own personal opinion of what they should be releasing, and it seems that expectations run too high. After P&S was released I really tried to not have any expectations of what kind of music they should be releasing.

    I’m sure at the end of the day Gwen’s team knows what they are doing. If she wants a big “hit” like she always says she does, she’s not going to get that by releasing reggae, ska, 80’s inspired songs, or even those that she released with LAMB or Sweet Escape. And, by releasing something like BDL, she opens the doors to be more experimental down the road.

    Let’s not forget that new ND is on the horizon too, and that could be a completely different direction that what she’s releasing now.

  106. Some people are stuck in RTS era, that was almost 20 years ago, you can’t expect Gwen to be the same person or write about the same things. Maybe she’s done with that now that kids old enough to read are around. Gwen gets lots of negativity from people on the internet, she’s dumb,superficial she uses her kids to stay relevant, call the papz, she bleach her kids hair, etc, just last month she was getting killed over the Colbert report thing.
    Even is this efforts doesn’t translate to success, I’m happy she tried. She’s 45 years old!

    We are living in the Kardashian-Fifty shades of Grey- Everyone feat.Pitbull era-reality show ( even alligator hunters the fuck) . Quality era lol

  107. Die hard will never be fully satisfied anyways. Even if ND released a full ska album, some fans would be upset because it’s too dated/commercially unsuccessful for them. Fans, who got into ND during RS will probably prefer that specific sound and fans, who follow them since the early 90s will always say that was their best period. It’s impossible to please everyone, especially since ND/Gwen have done so many different genres. L.A.M.B. alone already covers like 200 different genres lol.

  108. Hello guys I’m new here. I’m a mega Gwen fan! I’m not too excited about BDL but it’s not even that bad!
    I think If the music video will be really well done, and also the promotion will be constant, we could hope in something positive on the charts.
    Lets be honest, L.A.M.B was phenomenal! This new single, even If we are in a completely different period of time, doesn’t make justice to gwen’s carrer and creativity! But I know for sure, that there will be some gems in the new album, just as it happened with The Sweet Escpe album.

    Also, I’m italian, and here, in Italy, the come back track seems it has been received pretty well.

  109. @jossy, i totally agree with what u said on how big gwen actually is,, outside of our heads

    but also a “catchy” song is a good song, when some unknown posts a video on youtube of there “catchy” song, if its catchy enough, some of those songs end up on the radio and so many of these modern popstars are born. thats this new era were in

  110. a song like pharrells “happy” initially got no promo or label support or radio play, then when the video blew up on the internet and the people raised it, BAM it was one of the biggest songs of the year, globally

    1. “Happy” actually got some initial promo as part of the Despicable Me Soundtrack, then with his 24h hour video people went crazy!

  111. Thanks Bob, see all can get along just fine 😉 when you have a song like Selfie (chainsmokers) and make it a hit, I rest my case.

  112. I immediately appreciated this tune upon the fist listen, it’s an incredible pop song and there’s no denying it. Solo Gwen is all about great melody pop songs and today it’s a difficult time to be experimental, period.

    That being said, something felt weird in my gut and only now i figured what was distracting me to the great potencial of this song: all that damn VOCAL PROCESSING, REVERB AND LAYERING. You can’t process a distinctive voice like Gwen’s that much, and there’s just no need to, even by nowadays standards (i.e. Miley, Lorde, Rihanna). I’m sure everyone agrees with me? Sigh.

  113. I like the song, I just hate that it sounds like it was produced in some no-name producer’s bedroom…and the vocals…they’re so muffled and auto-tuned. Gwen has a crazy good, sweet tone that completely dissapears once the auto-tune or melodyne hits a certain threshold. This was one of my few complaints about Push and Shove. I get that she needs to sound note perfect in this day and age, but if they’re going to do it, it needs to be done meticulously and not just set at automatic correction.

  114. @Shelly, I agree with you as I stated the same on my previous comment, and you’re right, I felt the same with Push & Shove. It doesn’t make sense to change Gwen’s voice when she has a great pop voice, and we’ve all heard that on the last live show.

    The thing is, in most cases producers only change a voice that much on the chorus (i.e., Katy Perry’s Roar, sorry, I know, it’s a terrible song), in this case it’s throughout the whole song. Doesn’t make sense. With all due respect, one thing is for an artist to respect the producer, other is letting the producer take the wheel even if it takes the integrity away. Hope I’m not being too mean by saying this, I respect Gwen, maybe I’m dumb making these statements, I’m not a producer or a manager, I’m just a fan.

  115. I hears a piece of it yesterday, and as much as I love No Doubt and Gwen, being a fan for over 10 years, I just was not feeling it…
    sadly to say I think its time to shut the doors on music 🙁

  116. Plus 200 comments wow. Love it or Hate it, at least there is a reaction, if people just ignore it then you’re fucked.

  117. I don’t have a hard time with change or evolution. Like many I have been following this band since their early days. They and Gwen have gone through many welcome changes.
    This song goes against every grain in my body. Even by todays subterranean standards, this is still so desperate.and empty.
    Like I’ve said before. I’ve never seen Gwen CONFORM to this extent. It’s just sad. Not judging her. I think it’s hard to be in her shoes. But this move truly makes me sad.
    Anyway, I’ll stop now:)
    I know she’s got more tricks up her sleeve. It is great to see her back.

  118. Lol at how long it takes me to get to the bottom at this post to read all these comments.

    Love the new photo! I wasn’t expecting fishnets and no pants

  119. ““Your moment will run out/
    ‘Cause of your sex chromosome”
    – Her own lyrics from What You Waiting For”
    I would have thought someone who was aware of the aging pop star deal would have known better than to put this kind of desperate single out.”

    “The downward slope has to be a hard thing to deal with, especially at age 45 in a fragile and failing (failed) music industry. “Oh yeah, I remember Gwen Stefani”; then on to the next soon-to-be-forgotten “

    2 comments from regular people on sites, i gotta stop reading all the comments cuz none are great 🙁

  120. I love the song ! And it’s catchy ! You all are haters hoping that no doubt would come back with stuff that’s not even around anymore …This is today! Gwen’s doing today’s kinda music …Welcome to the current decade people!!!!

  121. And whoever said because of gwens age it must be tough…um mmm let’s not forget jlo is also 45 …killing the game … age is nothing but a number … I hate when people being up age into the equation as if gwen is supposed to be in an old folks home ….ugh piss off with all of that …I love baby don’t lie … no doubts music is music of yesterday….and by yesterday I mean 10 years ago …they aren’t relevant anymore …Most of the comment ls I see on instagram when I hashtag gwens name is people saying how thankful they are gwens back solo and they didn’t like her with no doubt …it’s just the harsh reality … get into it.


  123. I wasn’t a huge fan of Wind it Up … and due to the dismal response of that song when it was released ..neither were a lot of people. I feel Baby don’t lie is definitely gonna be a huge hit for her.especially once.the video comes out. I wish Gwen nothing but continued success. She’s much more strong without no doubt …it’s not the 90s anymore …Gwen still has it in her to compete with the girls half her age in the music industry … by herself. I’ve loved no doubt for so long since 1994 …. but even I know they aren’t a profitable sound nowadays … Gwen is on fire and her new single is also fire … according to what’s out there now.

  124. I love BDL and am super stoked for this new unexpexted direction. It’s going to put Gwen back on the charts. I think gwen still has many more hits she can put out and No Doubt still has what it takes to put out a hit record and radio friendly songs.

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