INXS Vs. Gwen Mashup Available on iTunes

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Check out what looks like an official mashup remix of INXS’s ’80s smash “I Need You Tonight” with Gwen’s “Hollback Girl” (titled “Need You Tonight” Mashup). The album-only remix is available to purchase on iTunes and is included on INXS’s The Very Best, a greatest hits collection which retails for $25.99 (Australian).

Thanks to NDLover for the news and for sharing a link to the remix which was also released by DMC on their Commercial Collection compilation.

2 Replies to “INXS Vs. Gwen Mashup Available on iTunes”

  1. That’s Australian dollar btw.
    I’ll probably buy it sometime. It’s been a while I wanted to buy their ‘best of’ anyway. 🙂

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