InTouch Magazine Scan: Christina Applegate Tweets Dreams Of Gwen

In the newest issue of InTouch magazine, really good friend of Gwen and actress Christina Applegate shared a story about one of her recent Tweets. She says that she had a dream once where Gwen revealed her strategy for losing baby weight… drinking sand? Sounds like a crazy but funny dream! Thanks Shana for sending us the scan!

Even while pregnant with her daughter, Sadie, who arrived on January 27, Christina Applegate dreamed about how she would slim down after. “Just woke up from a dream where Gwen Stefani told me she lost all her baby weight by drinking sand,” she Tweeted. Wisely, Christina, 39, isn’t following that diet.

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  1. Barry’s Bootcamp?? Don’t they mean Billy’s Bootcamp? LOL- That’s the workout I do and it’s super!

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