Interscope to Billboard on Gwen’s Album Status: “Nothing New”


In Billboard‘s weekly column “Ask Billboard“, a fan’s inquiry on the status of Gwen’s new album is featured and they shared what Interscope had to say about it.

When asked when fans could expect some news about the album’s progress, Interscope responded to Billboard saying, “Nothing new. She is in the studio.”

Sources were reporting that Gwen’s third solo album was due sometime this spring but realistically it’s looking more like a later date in 2015. She admitted that she wanted to slow down the process (the album was first slated for late 2014/early 2015) and head back into the studio to record new material.

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96 Replies to “Interscope to Billboard on Gwen’s Album Status: “Nothing New””

  1. I think shes gonna release it in late 2015 maybe she’s gonna be on The Voice again and she’s gonna promote it there.

  2. I don’t think this album is going to happen at all. Oh well at least she tried. As for the Voice IDK its doing better in ratings than when Gwen was there.

  3. If she doesn’t return to The Voice, this album will never see the light of day. The Voice is actually the only hope we have. Without The Voice she would have never even worked on new music in the first place. I’d love her to be a full time musician again and start a huge album campaign like in 2004, but we all now this isn’t going to happen. She is no inspired, lazy and has three kids. If we want this album, we should pray that she will do another season of The Voice.

  4. Seriously, we don’t need Gwen to become the next Xtna. The Voice never did anything for her career and it won’t do anything for Gwen either. Like she needed any more proof. I think she should fully concentrate on this album era and make wise decisions.

  5. I said that back then about the Voice. It did nothing for Christina. Housewives aren’t tuning in to drool over them, like they do for Blake and Adam. Sadly it makes me feel better for the boys. She just isn’t into it or has ADHD and has her hands in everything a little and nothing 110%. Now see its not personal. 🙂

  6. ^ Exactly lol The Voice is already a vitiated tv show. It’s all about Blake and Adam. The public will only vote for their contestants and support their singles.

  7. :/ I’m not too surprised. I do think it was good that she slowed down and gave the album some thought. Although I wonder if she actually is still working on the album at this point.. I mean, I’m sure she is on some level, with the LA show she did and all. And performing “start a war”..

    I haven’t heard much of her being “in the studio” lately, or working with so-and-so. And I know it’s kinda her pattern.

    She’s anything but “lazy” though, she just has a lot going on. And really respect her so much for actually being a very hands-on mom for her 3 kids and putting her family first, unlike many celebrity moms where it seems like it’s career first.

  8. Well, so far The Voice didn’t do anything for Gwen, because Gwen/Interscope were acting really stupid. They waited way too long for a performance on The Voice and then they chose the wrong single. If Gwen had performed BDL on The Voice shortly after its release, it could’ve done a lot for her. The Voice is no guarantee for success, but it has a lot potential, if artists/labels don’t act like complete idiots. Xtina has the same shitty management as Gwen, so it’s no surprise that she suffered the same fate on The Voice. Maroon 5 on the other hand were able to kickstart their career thanks to Adam being on The Voice.

    We need to be realistic: Gwen will never again have the time to fully concentrate on an album era. Remember how much she worked for the success of L.A.M.B. She was everywhere. Los Angeles, New York, Germany, France, UK, Australia, Asia. Hundreds of interviews, appearances and performances, going to every single award show, visiting even the smallest radio stations in distant countries, performing on every exisiting TV show and touring the whole world. Doing all this with three little kids? Forget it. She doesn’t even have 2 minutes to update her Facebook/Twitter on a regular basis these days. L.A.M.B. wasn’t an overnight success. It was the result of hard work, tons of promotion and a huge amount of Gwen’s time.

    As far as I’m concerned she doesn’t have any other option than doing The Voice or American Idol or whatever. It’s the only thing she can do these days given her current situation and the obvious lack of time and motivation. Maybe The Voice doesn’t do much for her music career, but that’s not what matters these days anyways. Music won’t pay her bills, but The Voice is a nice and easy paychek for her and of course it helps her to stay on the map as a “brand” so that she can sell all her products. Doing TV shows and selling plastic watches is the future of Gwen Stefani and we just need to accept it.

  9. Let’s be honest. Interscope would NEVER come out in public and say she’s not recording at all at this moment. Gwen attracts attention and if she was actually hard at work, they would make sure to announce that to the world to keep interest on her alive. Not saying she will never do new music, but it might be take longer than we expect.

  10. I agree I think Gwen 100% needs to do the voice again otherwise there will be no solo album. And xtina hasn’t had success because like gwen the promotion was awful and they both have the same management. I am not expecting any new music until the fall.

  11. At this point our only chance of seeing gwen around the music industry this spring and summer is if MHIO gets released as a single. Otherwise it will be a long wait.

  12. I think she wants a big successful album, I think she needs to reimagine the way to reinvent herself. Luckily, she didn’t release an album when the singles came out, as the singles flopped. She had a chance to test the waters before doing anything major. I hope she gets something edgy together and really shocks people with a new level of her talent. I’d love to see her go a little darker.

  13. I agree anthony. She definitely needs to do more mature music and Start a War was a great start. She is in her mid 40s now and her rapping looks ridiculous. Adult contemporary is the path she needs to go with an experimental side. Would be awesome if she could do a Ray of Light type album.

  14. And I already said it once but she should without hesitation scrap BDL and STF as both were poorly received critically and commercially!

  15. LOL so she can’t fully concentrate on this album or No Doubt’s but still has got time to do The Voice? Right.

    I agree with you Anthony. At least those 2 singles had that purpose of testing the waters. Obviously Gwen and her label are that stupid to repeat the same mistake as P&S. Maybe it was a smart move to not release the album. Gwen herself said that she needs to work it out and make it more personal. Let’s not fool ourselves, those songs were recorded for fun but rushed. Baby Don’t Lie is a half cooked song. STF is a great tune but not what the public wanted from her.
    I think the only problem here is the lack of communication, once again. Fans are being treated badly. Honestly I don’t mind waiting until November for this album, but somebody please keep us updated. An official statement saying what’s going on and their plans would be much appreciated.

  16. Doing The Voice doesn’t really consume that much of her time/energy. The NBC studios are basically just down the road from her house. And of course she can bring her kids. Promoting an album the same way she promoted L.A.M.B and TSE requires a lot of travelling and I guess that’s the point where it gets complicated. She said various times that she hates to be separated from her kids for too long, but obviously she can’t fly to various states and countries to promote an album with three kids either. It’s a dilemma, but it’s understandable. I understand that most fans would prefer her to fully concentrate on her album/music, but I don’t see how she could do that these days.

    I still hope that either MHIO or “Together” will be a single soon-ish, so that there will at least be one new song on the radio during summer. I’m not sure if Calvin will release another single from his album, though. He’s had so many already.

  17. She actually promoted STF a lot. It just didn’t connect. Believe me, once she gets a moderate hit she will get motivated to travel and promote her shit, at least in the US.

    1. I don’t think so. SD and BDL both started out as “moderate hits” with lots of potential and still Gwen couldn’t be bothered to put any effort into big promotion. We will never get another era that’s even remotely similar to L.A.M.B. or TSE.

  18. I think @cynthia is the only one that’s got it right, does anyone reallllly think interscope is gonna publicly say the projects dead!? LOL WAKE UP! that was the most political/corporate way of saying it!

    its the same with that iPhone recorded video recorded off a tabloid tv show, where Adrian also gave a statement from media training 101, and everyone acted like it was a diane sawyer interview!! Lol!!!

  19. @YYY, obviously not. I think things need to kick-off. This comeback wasn’t just right from the very beginning. I really hope they are re-analysing the whole project and there’s still time to save the “era”. Like someone said, maybe it’d be a good idea to scrap both BDL and STF (or include them as bonus tracks) and pretend that those were just buzz singles to test the waters. But for that to happen they need a strong single that will catch people off guard. It’s hard to predict things these days. Maybe she needs a featured artist.

  20. @BOB – because there are still naive fans who believe every word that comes out of the band or Gwen’s camp 🙂

  21. Well, whatever happened to this project, I’m not seeing this album being released anytime soon – if ever. Interscope’s statement really sounds like a very polite way of saying that this whole thing has been scrapped/put on hold. With every week that passes, this album seems to be moving further away instead of getting closer to a release. It already went from “expected at the end of 2014” to “early 2015” to “spring 2015” and then to “later this year” and finally to “who knows?”. Whenever an artists and/or a label sits on an album like this, it’s just not a good sign. The MasterCard campaign doesn’t seem like it will be continued, the “solo tour” Gwen’s manager was talking about obviously isn’t happening, there’s no sign of MHIO becoming a single after all and in a few weeks ND will be kicking off their random festival “tour”. The only studio Gwen has been spotted at lately was her acupuncture studio and there haven’t been new reports of new songwriters/producers working with her for quite some time now. I feel like this “new chapter” Gwen used to talk about last year has been closed by now.

  22. i think the biggest problem here is they (the label, gwen and ND) only have ONE (yes, ONE) goal. to make a “hit” song.
    it’s either that OR they drop everything and are complete total failures. are they really that shallow?

    the honest, blinding truth is the band haven’t had a hit in nearly 15 years and gwen nearly 10.
    that doesn’t mean it’s all over for them/her but there is plenty of room to exist between being number one or being nothing at all. as an artist myself, i find this approach to creativity really disgusting.

    as for this album, it’s impossible to know anything because we aren’t being told anything.

    @BOB what is the corporate appeal of straight up lying to people? just keep lying until people forget?

  23. It’s so weird, because usually artists tend to become more confident and earn themselves more creative control/freedom as they get older. Gwen on the other hand seems sooooooo lost and insecure these days. She’s being pushed around by the label like she’s a 20 year old newcomer, who doesn’t know shit about this business. It’s so tragic actually.

  24. DOOM, why do you think Shirley Manson / Garbage said goodbye to their label and are now releasing their stuff independently? After a point the label doesn’t care if you’re being true to yourself and what you believe in. They just want their artists to have smash hits and bring money in. At the end of the day it’s all about numbers. It’s overwhelming.

  25. @YYY I actually used to think like that until 2009 or so. I thought they had a free pass to do whatever they wanted considering their status. But the music industry has changed drastically. I understand why Gwen is feeling kind of lost to be fair. Maybe she should just focus on her songwriting and release music she’s passionate about, instead of trying to appeal to the younger generation. For example Start A War seems to be a way. I’d not mind having a more mature album, a bit darker actually.

  26. I doubt ND would have the guts to do what Garbage did… Garbage was never that big, they were never the label darlings like ND once was. It was the best option for them to cut ties with their label, specially when they canceled Shirley’s solo for not being girly enough.

  27. Cynthia, who cares? It’s a great song with meaningful lyrics. With so many artists writing for her I don’t understand how they picked BDL as a single. It’s a catchy song but the lyrics are so meh!

  28. She really did have the backing for a huge return: ndc, MasterCard, tv adds, interscope—- they all really planned for the singles to take off. I said it last year and everyone attacked me, “she’s too old to be a ‘hollaback girl’ now”—-I wasn’t even really saying all her material had to be all serious or mature—- it could still be fun upbeat music, but a 45year old mom rapping about emojis??? I’m the hugest gwen/nd supporter and try to like something in whatevers released….

    I hope they find the success they want in whatever Nd/gwen do. I just wish they knew there is still people out here who do really care, and we’d love a lil communication

  29. I can’t say much about STF cause I love the song. So it’s fine by me. I think the concept and the emojis were well designed. Perhaps that song should have been a non-single. At least now Gwen/interscope know that the public doesn’t want that kind of sound from her. Like I said before it’s hard to predict what the public will embrace. Gwen isn’t an Ariana or Taylor who can release a turd that it becomes an immediate hit.

  30. “but a 45year old mom rapping about emojis???”
    Nice subtle sexism there! Did you forget Pharrell is the same age? Would Gwen be allowed to sing songs about clapping if you’re happy, or is she a mom now, so she can’t?

  31. @luckgwen, hey I’m not saying its right or wrong! Its what the public doesn’t like! NO ONE is feeling Madonna pushing 60 showing her ass on the grammys red carpet etc etc. There’s sexism in all entertainment

  32. Well maybe we need people like Gwen to do whatever the hell she wants at whatever age she wants to push those boundaries and limited thinking.

  33. Bod, you’re being ageist. Just because you’re 45 it doesn’t mean you can’t do whatever you feel happy with.

  34. I’m glad that Madonna has spoken out about ageism cause it’s something that people usually poke fun at and pat themselves on the back for it. But it’s so ridiculous. It’s something that needs to be discussed more often cause it’s basically the same thing as sexism, racism, homophobia, misogyny and so on. The older that I am I really don’t feel my age on the inside. People shouldn’t behave in a certain way just because you think or tell them to.
    Madonna said that nobody will ever tell her what she should wear or in what way she should act. And why does it happen to women only?

  35. Jesus some people around here are so narrow minded. I actually think we’re dealing with trolls at times.

  36. Bob… to quote that annoying song “let it go”. I get what you are saying but I’ve learned that sometimes it’s best not to insist. 😉

  37. Start the Fire was an obnoxious cringe worthy song. It was doomed from the start. The label thought it could be a success on the back of Pharell and be a second Hollaback. It was a miserable fail because it was just not good. I think they should have promoted Baby Don’t Lie. It had more potential. After a few playbacks gets stuck in the head. I wonder if STF was finished really close to when BDL was put out and they just wanted to milk the Gwen Pharrell public love fest.

  38. I don’t care how old Gwen is, but STF was just the worst piece of trash for me. Sorry not sorry. I wouldn’t have liked this song any better, if Gwen was 25. I think it’s just a very very bad song. Remember Crazy Frog? STF is at the same level for me really. Just utter trash.

  39. Songs like HB Girl and JAG are classics and she can perform them for as long as she wants. Just like Madonna can do LAV or Material Girl if she wants…or Britney can do Baby One More Time or Oops. There’s no age limit on classics. If Gwen had a catalog of hit solo songs, then she could leave Hollaback off, but let’s be honest, it was her most memorable solo hit.

  40. Am I the only one that thinks “shine” has the potential of being the next “happy”? I adore that song it’s so insanely catchy and it appeals to both children and adults . I think shine is def the way to go in terms of summer releases. A cool video like hollaback girl where they are walking down streets would be perfect. 👍 #teamshine oh and since gwen said no doubt would be recording it, maybe they did and we’re just not credited? And maybe they can play it at all these festivals ? 😁

  41. I LOVE SHINE, I LOVE SPARK THE FIRE! I hope there’s more Pharrell tracks on the album tbh. They’re a perfect combo. So underrated imo. Yummy is such a great song.

  42. So first off, I acutally really love STF as a dance hit…BDL was a bit ‘phoning it in’ (lack creativity). I think that ND should follow Weezer’s footsteps (Back to the Shack) and go for a real old school sound: at least the fans will like it! Not as old as TK, that would sound a little juvenile but maybe RS? P&S had some great songs but it was waaaay too Adult Contemporary with Xanax energy. I love 4 songs off of it, don’t get me wrong. They could also do a more sublime/magic/dirty heads type vibe. Marry that girl could have easily been a ND hit:/

  43. “Start the Fire was an obnoxious cringe worthy song. It was doomed from the start.”

    I totally agree @Hannah. I could barely listen to it. And I do think Gwen did a lot of promo for it, which I hated to see since it was such an awful song. You just have to listen to Hollaback Girl and STF side by side, and it’s easy to see what’s wrong with it. I think some elements were good, but it just needed a lott more time in the writing/production stage imo.

    Same with BDL, although it was a better song, still very rushed. I always hated that the 1st and 2nd verses were the same lyric. That alone showed how rushed the song was, IMO.

    There is so much potential. I agree, it’s pretty likely the album plans are shelved. Or at least is on the familiar “hiatus”. One part that confuses me is the solo LA show last month and that the played SAW. What would have been the point? Was it just to fulfill her MC deal?

  44. From 2004-2007 Gwen was the most boundary-pushing, most out-there sounding (sounding, not just looking) pop artist in the U.S. And that was rare since the US pop market is usually wary of new sounds and wants everything to sound as cookie-cutter and generic as possible.

    I don’t think Gwen understands or is really inspired by the fact that she achieved mass appeal by being bold and original. But to me at least, it is a huge deal, not everyone can do that. Lady Gaga might seem the closest, but it was only an image thing, all her music sounded like run-of-the-mill EDM-pop without anything interesting going on.

    So she should really embrace going a more experimental and exciting route, working with cool producers. If she won’t, she better not release anything at all. I wouldn’t really mind that she instead retired into motherhood and her fashion lines. Much better than releasing unlistenable crap like Baby Don’t Lie and Spark the Fire, or collaborating with boring people (Maroon 5, Sia).

  45. NDLover, for her own good Gwen should really have nothing more to do with Pharell. To me, their whole supposed ‘magic’ nowadays is more ‘crap’, nothing like it used to be.

  46. I can actually separate HG from STF, I know what you’re trying to do there, but they sound nothing alike. I don’t think Gwen tried to do a HG part 2. STF sounds more like Yummy x Breakin’ Up imo.

  47. J., thank God we all have different tastes. In the end there will be a song for each mood and fan. Deal with it.

  48. I have never been a huge fan of Pharrell. I think he is one of the most overrated producers/artists of our time. Compared to him even Timbaland sounded more original to me. I always thought that “Hollaback Girl” was a lucky shot, because apart from this song I don’t think he and Gwen have ever created something great together. “Yummy” is kinda cool, because it’s totally over the top, but it’s quite a mess. WIU was saved by the sample. All the other songs he did on TSE have always sounded like filler tracks to me tbh. I will never understand what the world and especially Gwen see in him. I think it’s the same situation as with Sophie’s videos: Gwen and Pharrell have worked way too much together by now. It’s just going trough the motions.

  49. At this phase of her life and the current state of the music industry, she just better off focusing on the “Gwen Stefani” brand. Her priority is her family over her music. And I respect her for that. All I ask is she start writing journals again so she could write heart-felt meaningful songs that made her famous in the first place.

  50. Well, YYY that’s like your opinion. lol 😉 As I said, thank God we all don’t like the same things. The world would be such a sad place. Personally I think Pharrell is a genius and creates magic most of the time. But hey, that’s like my opinion, too. 🙂 Different strokes for different folks.

  51. I completely agree with @j. , Gwen really did shake up pop music for those few years. I think what he said about even lady gaga was spot on




  53. ^ Illuminati was produced by Kanye West though. But I agree those Diplo songs sang by Gwen would sound x1000 better!

  54. I think her album could have been just 12 tracks and it would have been pretty solid. You know when you have too many tracks… right? Still it’s her best effort since Confessions. I also liked that album.

  55. Confessions is her best. She was still older and doing dance fun up beat music with out looking desperate. That was all pre-gaga though, she’s VERY intimidated by her. Anyway this is a ND fan site, I guess my only point was just cuz gwens older now doesn’t mean she can’t do fun music, just not the obnoxious mess like STF

  56. Madonna does it right, though. She just releases a new album every now and then with the music she REALLY wants to make and then she just goes on a world tour and cahses in. She doesn’t care if her singles are successful and if her new material gets played on the radio. Gwen can still learn a lot from Madonna and despite being in this industry for many years Gwen still is far away from Madonna’s level of (artistic) integrity. Compared to Madonna Gwen looks like a total puppet that gets pushed around by her label. “Living for love” was a total flop, Madonnas album leaked months before its official release and she fell on stage of the Brit Awards. And what does she do? She just goes on and prepares for her world tour. If all of these things happened to Gwen, she would cancel everything, hide for months and never talk about any of it.

  57. Good thing, she’s not Madonna. “She’s not me” and she doesn’t need it cause she’s Gwen Fucking Stefani. I don’t think Gwen wants her “crown” at all. Leave that to CaCa or other wannabes.

  58. I don’t know if it’s fair to compare them when their personalities, lifestyles and careers are quite different, but I get your overall point. Gwen and ND do go in that “pretend it never happened” zone too often.

  59. Madonna has been a supreme pop star for over 4 decades, I don’t think its fair to compare her and her career to anyone really…and has ALWAYS had antics, stunts, props—-she’s not very talented & she even knows that. As far as artistic integrity, Gwen was a lead singer from a home grown little band for 9 years before any success…who way later dipped her feet into the pop realm. Gwen in my opinion has a different respect from people because of that

  60. Gwen and Madonna have the same career so it’s very fair to compare them. While I don’t really like Madonna, I do admire her professionalism and commitment to her job. She’s a single mother of 4 and still manages various projects, including world tours and film directing. It’s pretty clear she loves what she does. Gwen on the other hand let us all know years ago that she wants a simple kind of life. We as fans shouldn’t expect much more from her. She, dissapointingly, has a different level of commitment to her music.

  61. ^ I know it can be “disappointing” to some fans but you gotta respect that. Even when she’s not recording/touring she’s doing something else. I know she likes to call herself “lazy” and “dork”, but she’s the opposite. So when fans accuse her of being “lazy” based on that it’s really unfair and ignorant. She has a lot on her plate.

  62. Ya I saw that too, the post tmz put up about it last week seemed a lil harmless but this time its taken to a whole other level.

    maybe he has Gwens red tragic kingdom dress too 😉

  63. I’m sure that stalker gets all that info from the paps who follow her every single day
    I’d hardly consider that guy a fan at all, especially when you make a person feel really uncomfortable like that.

  64. @Cynthia lol yeah better check what Patrick Larsen has been up to.
    I really agree with Doom and others when they wish that Gwen would let go of the idea that she needs a big hit and appeal to the masses. I wish she would just write real songs, release music on a smaller scale and tour the world again (with ND preferably!!). No doubt can still fill up venues with their hits from the nineties. But then I do hope they will put some variety in their track list too and not just the same greatest hits songs every time…
    As I’m typing it I realize how impossible it all sounds! No Doubt and Gwen are only after the big hits, and their personal lives are too full for anything “less”.

  65. morale among the fans is at an all time low due to numerous delays and lack of overall communication. gwen and no doubt have a lot of damage control to do in my opinion.

  66. I get what you guys are saying but I don’t think Gwen or No Doubt have any damage control to do. They’re gonna release music whenever they want to, whatever type of music makes them happy. The way they want to and a lot of fans are fine with that.

  67. ED – i’m fine with them releasing the music they want to release, just release something already and at least appear like there is some type of plan in place lol

  68. Gwen/ND can do whatever they want, but they shouldn’t be surprised when commercial success will be even harder to achieve with future releases since many fans just don’t care anymore. It will be really interesting to see how many fans are still there, if Gwen releases a new single eventually.

  69. Hanna, shut the fuck up. Who are you to say something like that? You know shit about their personal lives. And Paps are constantly stalking her. Someone’s really jealous. Get a life cause at least Gwen got one. Guess what, she’s more relevant than you will ever be.

  70. Madonna and agism…

    “@luckgwen, hey I’m not saying its right or wrong! Its what the public doesn’t like! NO ONE is feeling Madonna pushing 60 showing her ass on the grammys red carpet etc etc. There’s sexism in all entertainment”


    Madonna is nog pushing 80 she is 56. And she looks really good I’m not the hugest Madonna fan, but to ssay no one wants to see that couldn’t be further from the truth, Record tticket sales fior her tours leteky. She has loyal and admiring fan base faround the the world who treat her like royality and want to see her continue on fror a long time. Shr id obviusly an edtrememly driven person and I don’r think shw would know what to do with herself if she quit. If she feels ypung at heart and inspired to work then she shou;d do it, If she wants to wear some of the cothes she does, that’s her choice.

    Gwen, on the other hand, seems to be unfocused, I adnire her for putting her fanily first. It’s the right thinkg to do, But the selfish side of me wans her to put a lot more energy and fpcusnto mI hope she can redisiver her drive in music and ride near the top again. It’s not the sane not having her around much,

  71. Saw Maroon 5 last night. Was annoyed with MHO wasn’t done. Looks like after the Feb shows they stopped performing that song and also Lost Stars Adam’s “solo song” from his movie. No idea if its linked to Gwen dropping her music for the moment or not.

  72. Hopefully for Gwen & ND, they are not letting the record labels run the show for them and pull them every and any which direction they want. This is my biggest concern.

    I don’t mind them taking their time with putting out music. I mind however, when they disappear off the face of the planet and the people handling their website can’t re-stock items or ship to Canada or contact me back if I have a question on a product. In this age, these small details expose who can adapt and who can’t out of the “previous” gen of artists/pop culture brands.

    I think a lot of fans still care. But Gwen’s uncertainty as someone put it earlier on here does come through and it yes it does very much feel like she has no artistic direction or clear image. STF and BDL are both pretty piss poor.

    ND/Gwen used to put out incredibly soulful songs/covers around TK/RoS. Everything in Time or Almost Blue. What happened to this stuff? Or is this venture left to Gaga’s own devices – as Gwen goes into hyper-mainstream over-processed drivel?

    I could go on and on. Push and Shove wasn’t the best ND album ever created but at least some of the tracks (Easy / Acoustic Session, Dreaming the Same Dream) were complete.. a very, very far cry from what came after.

    I am indisputedly on the side of Gwen/ND not trying to harken back to nostalgia, 80’s sounds, and God knows what else (i.e. Pharell). ****Just put out good music with whatever array of musical instruments they can work with***. Stop analyzing and identifying styles. Make the actual music and then deal with your image.

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