Interscope: Pre-Order Album Sales Have “Outperformed the Overall Expectation”

Photo courtesy of photographer  Jamie Nelson
Photo courtesy of photographer Jamie Nelson

We’re less than a month away from Gwen releasing her new album This Is What the Truth Feels Like and the media still seems to be buzzing about her latest music video for single “Make Me Like You”.

Excitingly, Interscope has nothing but positive things to say to Billboard about Gwen’s upcoming album saying that the pre-orders at Target alone have “outperformed the overall expectations of where we thought we would be by street date”, says Interscope’s Gary Kelly. He also shares that This Is What the Truth Feels Like has been topping the charts on Apple all week, too. Variety also reported that Gwen’s exposure during the Grammy’s telecast “received a 275% rise in total album sales”.

Billboard projects that “Make Me Like You” will debut in the Top 20 on the Digital Charts and has gained over 2 million views on YouTube. Headline Planet is also reporting that “Make Me Like You” sold over “56,106 paid US downloads during the February 12-18 tracking week”. Incredible!

Billboard posted a few inside details from the video shoot saying that Target spent roughly $12 million dollars on the live commercial event (more than $8 million on the air-time alone). The article says that many insiders knew of the risk with taking on such a big opportunity but it turned out being super successful and “a hugely impressive campaign for a number of reasons”. The event was huge not only for Gwen but for Target giving them “more than 3 billion media impressions to date for the campaign.”

14 Replies to “Interscope: Pre-Order Album Sales Have “Outperformed the Overall Expectation””

  1. Guys don’t forget to stream the song on YouTube and Spotify. Please, don’t use iTunes. We are the listeners and our listens should be taken into account. 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t go so far as #1. If Gwen gets a debut within top 5 it will be amazing already. Let’s not overestimate Gwen’s position these last few years, she needs all the help she can get.

  3. I’m glad that this all sounds so positive…
    I haven’t got my hopes up for a #1 debut though,
    Their expectations probably weren’t that high but I’m so glad it’s exceeded what they imagined!

  4. I was looking at preordering the vinyl/lithograph deluxe package BUT the Canadian version has more songs on both (vinyl&cd). Does anyone know why? Or if the coding is the same so I can order the Canadian instead of US version? Obviously I want all the songs lol. Not just 12

    1. On it’s showing more tracks? I honestly think Interscope/Gwen struck a deal with US fans being able to only pick up the bonus songs at Target and the standard version will be available everywhere else digitally/physically. Since there are no true Targets outside of the US anymore, International fans will receive deluxe editions featuring the same tracks as the Target release. I’m just hoping us US fans will be able to get these bonus songs though the International releases are seeing like “Loveable” and “War Paint”. I’ll be pretty upset if we don’t…

  5. I’m so happy for Gwen for different reasons. And I agree that Gwen is so preggers! I’m super happy for her and Blake! Whoo hoo! Hoping it’s a girl

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