Interscope Debuts New “Used To Love You” Remix

Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani/YouTube
Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani/YouTube

Interscope has shared a new official remix of “Used To Love You” to their Play IGA Top 40 playlist. The beats throughout give the song a more urban feel and we wouldn’t be surprised if we started hearing this on the radio soon.

Click here to check out the new remix and tell us what you think.

10 Replies to “Interscope Debuts New “Used To Love You” Remix”

  1. I like the remix 🙂
    When I first saw remix, I imagined it was going to be a club tune…
    Which was going to be played in all the clubs and hit it off big ha!

  2. I keep hoping something big comes of the Major Lazer song on the 2nd part album?
    Especially when they’ve had huge chart success recently with Lean On!

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