Interscope Confirms “Baby Don’t Lie” Delay (Updated)


Interscope has confirmed that “Baby Don’t Lie” will be released on Sunday, October 19.


In a new Q&A with Billboard, they have confirmed reports from Interscope that Gwen’s hyped probable new single “Baby Don’t Lie” has been delayed with no scheduled release date as of now. Interscope wrote in an email to Billboard saying “Please remove the add date. Will get new information shortly” back on September 30.

“Baby Don’t Lie”, co-written with Ryan Tedder and Benny Blanco, was said to be impacting radio starting Tuesday, October 14, but soon saw the add dates disappearing online. Gwen’s manager confirmed to Billboard in September that she was still deciding on a lead single and was working hard to have her new album out in December. Inside sources are saying that “Baby Don’t Lie” should still be the lead single but the release date is being worked out to coincide with The Voice for promotion purposes.

Though “Baby Don’t Lie” has yet to be announced by either Gwen or Interscope (until now), the song has made its way to several radio stations and has been described as “top 40” and features a “driving beat” with “crazy catchy, repetitive vocal lines in the chorus”. Gwen has also reportedly been on-set of two music videos in the last few weeks possibly for two different songs.

Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani.

18 Replies to “Interscope Confirms “Baby Don’t Lie” Delay (Updated)”

  1. This was 2 weeks ago now. I’m sure they’ve made some progress since then. I still think a release is likely within the next few weeks.

  2. @jossy. Exactly! This event was planned before the delay so they will have to release something very soon or get very creative.

    1. She’ll probably perform “Hollaback Girl” again, or maybe a short medley of her old hits. Her teams seems to put all emphasize on The Voice, so they’d probably not want her to perform anything new before she performs on The Voice.

  3. I have a feeling that we’ll hear an update in the next couple of weeks. I wouldn’t be worried at this point — something is on the way for sure!

    1. That’s what I think too. Of course there will be an album, but maybe not in December. I could see it being released in Q1 2015 after her first single and maybe MHIO (which will be performed on The Voice for sure) created some buzz. I guess it also depends on how well her first single will do. If it bombed, Interscope probably wouldn’t risk releasing an album after a flop single and probably release a 2nd single first.

  4. I think it’s still possible for the album to be released in December. I’m sure they’d not want to waste that chance. Can’t see it go any different from her past solo releases. I just think people are getting a bit paranoid by saying it won’t be released at all.

  5. Who said it won’t be released? It may not be BDL, but there will definitely be a single before the end of the year.

  6. I’m glad interscope is taking its time to make sure this album is well promoted. It also gives time to perfect the album. I hope Gwen hooks up with Boots (Beyonce’s last album producer/co-producer in almost every song), since he worked with Pharrell on Blow, that guy has a crisp sound that’s pop but also thick and ecletic and it would do wonders for Gwen, another collab with Andre 3000 would be great to.

  7. This delay is literally to make Gwen’s solo releases as successful as possible; they are waiting for Gwen’s single to be released when it’s the live shows, so Gwen can perform then everyone can go out and buy it and see it boost up the charts!

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