Instagrams: Recent Photos of Gwen In The Studio (Updated)

Gwen is still hard at work on her upcoming third solo album and a couple recent photos have surfaced on Instagram of her in what looks like the studio. Interscope CEO John Janick acknowledged that Gwen’s new album had been delayed due to her wanting to make “sure everything is coming together the way she envisions it.” Gwen’s third solo album is expected later this year.

We’re wishing her continued best of luck and can’t wait to hear what she has planned for us.

@gwenstefani @tranterjustin #JRRotem @therajakumari 🎶🙏🙌😊

A photo posted by 👑 Raja Kumari 👳 (@therajakumari) on

Late night musics with these goofs. 💎👄💎 @armenra @gwenstefani

A photo posted by justin tranter (@tranterjustin) on

Great #session with @gwenstefani @therajakumari #JRRotem @tranterjustin #GodisGood

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26 Replies to “Instagrams: Recent Photos of Gwen In The Studio (Updated)”

  1. Justin Tranter, Armen Ra and Raja Kumari… She’s obviously recording some highly experimental indie record now 😉

  2. This will be a Pop Dance album. Anyway I’m here for some experimentation and incorporation of interesting sounds. I’m glad Gwen is taking her time to explore.

  3. You can D! Its called botox and plastic surgery on your nose and eyes. But I have a feeling if I did as much as she has done I would still not look as good as her.

  4. In Beverly hills the scoop is she got a low facelift right after the sweet escape from the same surgeon that did Sharon Osbourne and Sharon stone. Not making this up

  5. I wish!, I live in Los Angeles, but I have a few aunts who have had work done in the area who hear all of the ‘whos had what’ lol

  6. I just couldn’t imagine having surgery on my FACE. Or needles injecting stuff into my face! Voluntarily! I hope she knows when to stop though… I don’t want her to look scary and puffy like Kris Kardashian or Madonna after 50.

  7. @amanda g, I agree but I think she did it at the right time where the transition is smooth and not very noticeable. She looks amazing

  8. I think she’s looking amazing lately. She only has that pillow face when she gets it done. I hope she knows when to stop though. At least she seems to be reacting good to it. Just look at Meg Ryan who totally destroyed her face.

  9. She has looked great this year. I just hope she doesn’t go all out before The Voice starts again.

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