Instagrams: Photos From Private Oscar Party

Check out a few snapshots shared from a ultra-private Oscar party that Gwen attended last night in Hollywood. She looked absolutely gorgeous and posed for photos with musicians Lily Allen and Mark Ronson, fashion editor Derek Blasberg and model Joan Smalls.

Proof that @gwenstefani is not human @iammarkronson #oscars2015

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Yes this happened. Don't remember when…but it did @mamasinthebuilding @derekblasberg @gwenstefani #PARTY #LA

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  1. ^^ Agreed. Lily would much better than this whole bunch of people she’s been working with. Do I need to mention the dude that co-wrote BDL? I mean he’s SO creative that almost all music he does is pretty much the same.

  2. NDLover I bet you think Push and Shove is better than the fine Alright Still.

    Something wrong with you man

    Anyway she’s quite talented even though she’s a bit controversial and shady, and her last album was wack.
    She’s right….Gwen is not or at least doesn’t look like human.

  3. Oh my god I totally thought that was Angelina Jolie!! Same cheek bones and eyes! I wish it was her! Lily Allen seems very childish to me, ehhhh, she’s English right? Amy winehouse was a true talent

  4. I don’t even know who Lily is? I guess she hasn’t reached the U.S. yet.

    I don’t understand the “she’s not human” comment, but I guess he was joking. The pics are fun!

  5. Oh my God, guys. You really need to listen to Lily Allen albums! She’s a mega UK star and does very nice songs. Don’t really know what song should I recommend but “Smile” is her biggest hit and then we have “Fuck You” “Not Fair” is a classic Her second album is just perfect, and her first album has many ska/reggae influences like this song and this
    Lily is one of the best pop stars ever and she’s very feminist and stand up for her rights! Lily and Gwen would make a hell of a partnership.

  6. This is random but Lorde’s ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ has a really dark synth rock sort of feel to the chorus that really reminds me of something we would hear on Return of Saturn. Gwen’s voice would lend itself so interestingly to that song. It’s darker than the pop album she’s inspired to make, but it would be cool to hear new material similar in style and emotion.

  7. Thanks for the links Marco. I haven’t heard any of those. Not really my style, but she’s not awful. The window song is decent.

  8. I think Lily Allen has some very enjoyable songs. I love “Littlest things”. Her songs get played a lot on the radio in Germany.

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