Instagrams: Photo Shoot Outtakes

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Check out a couple of photo shoot outtakes of Gwen found on Instagram tonight.

The first one comes from No Doubt’s cover shoot for SPIN in 2000 and the second from Gwen’s latest shoot for Billboard with Smallz + Raskind in September 2014.

Tbt that day was B-A-N-A-N-A-S. with #gwenstefani #smallzandraskind #nodoubt #onpoint #tbt

A photo posted by Andrew Small (@smallzphoto) on

10 Replies to “Instagrams: Photo Shoot Outtakes”

  1. Technically you start counting at 1 (not zero). So, many people consider the end of the decade at 10, hence why 2000 can still be considered the last year of that decade. Now if you’re saying the 90s in implies 1990-1999. Either way, and this is just my opinion, when I think of what happened in 2000 I still associate it to the 90s.

  2. Luiza. Yes you can see a new nose around the time of Push and Shove. It is a nicer nose. I think the new term is called refined. But it looks so different from the first Lamb fashion show and now. But that picture above is stunning.

  3. ^^^^lol!!

    @laurie, I think it was a lil before push & shove. I don’t understand why or how people get mad or upset about plastic surgery/cosmetic procedures and defend her not having any. its her face and she’s still BEAUTIFUL!

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