Instagrams: More Sneak Peeks at Winter L.A.M.B. x Burton Collection

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Check out a few more sneak peeks of L.A.M.B. x Burton Snowboards winter collection scheduled to hit both retailers and this fall. The latest capsule collaboration is influenced heavily by punk rock and features signature leopard and tartan prints with edgy designs. We can see that the line is expanding this time around to include more accessories such as ski goggles and backpacks. The collection is expected to retail from $34.95 to $399.95.

Late last year Gwen hit the slopes and shared photos of the upcoming collection.

God save L.A.M.B. // looks like an early winter #lambxburton #lambfashion

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81 Replies to “Instagrams: More Sneak Peeks at Winter L.A.M.B. x Burton Collection”

  1. What I’m about to say may seem a bit cold but….this divorce will give Gwen more to write about and that is what she needs for this new solo album.

  2. I’m shocked…didn’t see that coming, how sad :(…but I don’t think BSO need to post something about it, we have to show respect for Gwen even if we’re wanting to talk about it :'( :'(

  3. I am so upset over the divorce news! I really wish there was a post/discussion about this. Obviously this is what we all want to talk about… we need to process this together! If this is a rumor than post that but give us something to go on so we don’t end up going to the terrible tabloid sites that the band really hates.

    It frustrates me that this site has become so PC that all we get now are posts that would be approved by the bands PR people and shares from their social media sites. I understand not wanting to offend the band but this is a fan site! No doubt (get it) that they never go on here themselves…

  4. I know BSC doesn’t like to post about their personal lives, but I think this is pretty huge and should be mentioned… I am absolutely shocked. I thought hell would freeze over before Gwen ever got a divorce…much less be the one who files for it! Something bad must have happened. I wish her the best. How sad for their young boys.

  5. @lizzy, this is not a rumor, both sides gave statements. I agree BSO should post about this considering there is a statement out by them. This is a fan site and we’ve known Gavin for just about as long as Gwens been famous. It can be a very respectable post wishing them the best. I just can’t believe he’s worth an estimated 35million. I dont really buy that. He better not try and take our girls money

    1. “Gwen checked the box to terminate Gavin’s ability for spousal support.” -E News

      I’m guessing he’s not getting any money then?

  6. Dont u guys remember last year around the time of ‘the voice’ there was that OK Magazine cover saying they were headed for a split, I believed it then and would imagine its been brewing for a whilllle, this isn’t just out of the blue

  7. No prenup either…eek. Nearly 20 years together…damn. What a shame. She has spent almost half her life with one man. I feel for her and her boys. I’m guessing new music is probably out the window for now. She has more important things to think about it. My heart goes out to her. She really loved that man!

  8. I’m not surprised, if anything this was a long time coming. The fact that he is being represented Laura Wasser
    worries me a little tho, usually she’s involved with media drama.

  9. They’ve been rumored to be splitting for years. I take that crap with a grain of salt. It was Beyonce/Jay last year and now it’s Will/Jada. The tabloids know they will eventually be right if they keep predicting it! LOL I really didn’t think “divorce” would be part of Gwen’s vocabulary. She’s so traditional and loyal. Something bad must have happened or maybe it was best for her boys.

  10. I’m sure BSO will post on this, maybe they haven’t heard the news yet or something…

    The news is so sad! 🙁 But atleast Gwen’s performances of Don’t Speak etc will be amazing now, and her new album. I’m so upset though.. if they can’t make it who can?

  11. I agree with Amanda g, I think something realllly bad happened because why else would she file during a time where she has such a big job where she’s required to be on live television and have to hold it together. I feel awful for her and the children. Gwen always had such strong traditional values and we know she loved that man

  12. Sad day. I feel so gutted for Gwen and her boys. I guess I have a mix of surprised and not so surprised. I mean we all know about Gavin’s ways. However, Gwen has always looked the other way and forgiven. I didn’t see her changing that. However, maybe he ended it or else something finally broke the camel’s back. Whatever it is divorce sucks and I wish them all the best in this difficult time.

  13. We are aware of the news, and out of deep admiration and love for this band, we’re choosing to respect Gwen and her family’s privacy at this time and not post the news on the site. We hope everyone understands our decision and wish nothing but love and support for Gwen and her family.

  14. This is so sad. They were my inspirational couple. I’m so sorry for them and the kids, but there’s nothing we can do and this is what they want, maybe. I just wish the best to them, mostly to Gwen.

  15. I wonder how she’s going to be able to perform in September. All those songs about him…ex-gf, skol, etc. Gut wrenching.

  16. I heard about this divorce on FB and I literally shouted, “NO THEY ARE NOT!!!” I can’t believe this is true. I also thought hell would freeze over before they got divorced. I’m really sad about this, I thought they would be the ones to make it out of all these other so called couples. Part of me wants to know what happened and the other part doesn’t. I’m really sad now. Dammit. :(:(:(:(:((

  17. Lisa, maybe because this isn’t the site for this kind of news? I’m deeply saddened… 🙁 I hope she’s doing good…

  18. How can some “fans” be excited because it will give her writing material? That’s mean. Don’t be THAT person, please.

    1. NDLOVER I think we’re just trying to find the few positives from a very sad situation. Its not exciting to anyone, but atleast we know Gwen’s best material comes from heartbreak… as upsetting as that is to admit.

  19. Bob, I’m pretty sure they decided this a long time ago and took action now. They have kids, so I doubt this was a rushed decision. Remember they have kids. Considering they’re celebrities and Gwen has always avoided any kind of scrutiny, they probably decided about it months ago.

  20. NDlover I meant the fans not BSO. I agree it’s very sad. I feel awful. It should give gwen inspiration for new music although I am not expecting anything anytime soon.

  21. I audibly gasped when I saw! Agree that I’m both surprised and not surprised. There are plenty of rumors floating around about Gavin, but I just assumed Gwen knew and didn’t care as long as he was still supporting her and being a good father. Who knows what broke them up. But Gwen has always been so good at maintaining a good public image, it seems like she knows what she’s doing. I needed a serious glass of wine tonight.

  22. I just looked at some recent pics. They went to Montana together and looked all happy and smiles. I really hope they split amicably. I guess they made the decision a long time ago. My thoughts go out to them and their kids. Respecting BSO’s decision to not post the news!

  23. I thought Gavin was in London while Gwen was in Montana?

    I guess the “needing your vibes” thing makes sense now. I just hope neither Gwen or Gavin gets ripped apart by the media with this like they are doing to Ben/Jen or Blake/Miranda. I’m so glad Gwen has good friends/family to support her. Her fans support her as well…

  24. I don’t think anything bad has happened recently. Just check Gwen’s lyrics after TK. Basically every song is about Gavin being a liar, a cheater and so on. They have always had problems, but I think they really tried hard to make it work and that’s why they still lasted so long. I’m sad, but not really surprised. They had this coming for a long time.

  25. I completely agree @YYY this is a long time coming I think the two of them have known for awhile and you could just tell they seemed unhappy shit who honestly is happy nowadays?? And no prenup means all the money will be put together and divided equally as part of California’s 50/50 law….

  26. Maybe Gavin will pull a Russell Brand and not exercise his community property rights? I just hope things don’t get messy.

  27. Apparently she’s not planning on providing Gavin with spousal support… I hope he’s not THAT guy. They’re both millionaires, after all.

  28. I don’t think Gavin is even half as rich as Gwen is… His last albums didn’t sell well and he didn’t really do anything besides music in all those years. Let’s be realistic: Financially he was lucky to marry Gwen… Well, I hope things don’t get messy and complicated and I really hope they manage to stay “friends”.

  29. She’s worth way more than him, I hope it was a mutual and she was not force to do it because she just couldn’t look the other way this time.

  30. YYY I’d say that a net worth of 35 million dollars is pretty millionaire to me. lol Of course Gwen’s net worth is more than the double. She’s been working her ass off all these years.

  31. What I’m trying to say is that I think he doesn’t need to get greedy. I don’t think he’s a bad guy.

  32. I was sooooo shocked, seriously if she can’t stay married, who can?
    I never saw that coming….so sad….

  33. 35 million seems like an awful lot. I mean, he had huge success in the 90’s and early 00’s and did some acting too, but that was a long time ago. I wonder where they get those numbers from.

    Gwen is a classy lady and I think Gavin is a nice guy so I’m pretty confident this will not turn into a fight or circus even though the media is trying to spin it that way.

  34. Last year I read she was worth 80 million… Anyway I have no idea how they have access to these numbers…

  35. She has to be making 20-30 million alone this year off of the voice not to mention what L.A.M.B. And Harajuku lovers pull in a year I remember reading in one of the interviews she did that L.A.M.B. Grosses 200 million a year so she has to be worth at least 100-120 million I mean her house alone is worth what 35 million she is filthy rich….

  36. She needs to be with No Doubt right now. Nothing gives her strength and inspiration aside from her children than her band… the next album is going to be epic…

  37. C’mon. We don’t know what goes on behind Gwen’s closed doors. We’re fans not her best friend. Yes, we all want to know what happened but really it’s none of anyone’s business. Being in the public eye, being rich and famous has it’s perks and downfalls. Couples in Hollywood, whether actors or singers don’t have normal lives, they work hard, hense them being rich but a lot of that means being separated from one another because of hectic schedules. If this wasn’t Gwen what would you think? One of them cheated right? Well time will tell and it will come out. I’m more interested in seeing what type of man Gwen will date in the future. During her whole career she dated Tony, then Gavin and married him. We didn’t see Gwen Stefani dating . Wish her all the best, she’ll be fine she has a lot of success in her life including her #1 success her kids.

  38. I find it absolutely disgusting with all the comments saying that this will make her write great music!!! She’s had horrible heartbreak before and didn’t need anymore!! This can make her not want to write personal lyrics anymore, WHO KNOWS! the last thing fans should be thinking about is new music! We should wish her personal happiness for her and her family! She’s given us her heart and soul many times before! Geez!

  39. I agree with Bob. I don’t even know why people expect her to write songs about it… Maybe she will never mention it? Or maybe she thinks that has writtem more than enough songs about Gavin by now?

    Seriously, please don’t expect another Tragic Kingdom to come out of this. I can assure you that you will end up being disappointed…

  40. I agree it’s a bit selfish to be thinking about music already. How can some of you guys be excited about it, it’s beyond me. I’m pretty sure Gwen is still suffering with this. Or do you think she filed divorce and went back home to celebrate? She’s probably crying every night. Seriously, give her a break.
    And like YYY said I don’t expect a TK 2. You guys are delusional.

  41. @D, being with someone for nearly 20 years…. All the ups& downs… 3 children.. One of them being just over a year old… It seems like Gwen took her vows very seriously. I mean she was already rich and famous when she said ‘i do’—WITH OUT a prenup… I dont think she ever thought or wanted to say ‘good riddance’. Then again I’m on the outside looking in. I guess no one knows

  42. Once she decided to go public with this, shit got real. It must have been a very hard decision for her to make. Of course I don’t know her, even more like we’re BFF, but after living more than 18 years with her lyrics and read her interviews, etc. I can assure that she’s falling to pieces.

  43. Yes, I’m sure she is on an emotional rollercoaster right now. You just don’t say goodbye to somebody you have been together with for half of your life and then move on. We know that Gwen is in fact a very fragile person and she gets very emotional over things quickly. I don’t think she can be all cool about it yet. She sees Gavin everytime she looks at her children. I’m sure she is at a very dark and lonely place right now or at least feels this way. I really hope she gets all the support she needs from her family and friends. I don’t expect any new music or whatever this year and I think it’s totally understandable. She has to film The Voice now and be all smiles in front of the camera… That will be hard enough for her.

  44. Totally agree that people are pathetic in thinking this will spark a fire in Gwen to write more music. It also illustrates that she’s lost her spark as a musician who can’t produce material like she did in her 20’s.Let’s face it Gwen is 46 yrs of age turning 47 in October. She’s fine just doing what she’s doing with No Doubt right now. She shouldn’t have to work harder she should be slowing down. That’s why she’s got all the side projects going on her clothing line, shoeline,handbagline…. these are all creative outlets which she’s great at doing as well.She’s not interested in big tours she has three small kids and from what I’ve read tries to give them a somewhat ‘”normal” upbringing. No one going through a divorce is happy, it’s a loss.

  45. Someone posted this, on No Doubt Archive’s FB page, and it makes sense. I was also thinking about it.

    “We now know what was going on in her head when this was taken. I work with a retired celebrity divorce attorney who is good friends with the attorneys handling the divcorce for both Gwen and Gavin, and when there’s this much money and publicity involved, this has been in the works for months. I think it’s convenient she taped the audition episodes of The Voice before the announcement and then made the announcement in the months-long break before those episodes air and when the live episodes begin taping late in the fall. She’ll have had plenty of time after the news for it to cool down and not be bombarded with AS many questions when she does press for the show.”

  46. I can’t see her thinking “good riddance” about anybody. She’s not that kind of person.

    Music was therapy for her in the past which might be why some are thinking she will jump back into it again, but I don’t see anything happening for a long time. If it does, great, but I’m sure her family is her top priority right now and I think we should support her.

  47. Why do some people have an issue with the fact that people think this divorce will probably lead to great music in the future?
    Its not a reason to be excited about the divorce, I haven’t seen anyone that is.
    But it would be stupid to say that this won’t lead to great music… We still support and love Gwen and we’re not happy about this and we’re not expecting any music for a long time, we’re just admitting that heartbreak leads to great songwriting.

  48. @leah, heartbreak has given Gwen great material to write songs in the PAST, when she was a lot younger and with out 3 children. We also know Gwen to be a very private person, I dont see her writing songs about Gavin now having 3 of HIS children, knowing they will be able to read the lyrics about there father. I just don’t see her doing that. She could possibly not even mention it in music. She wrote all the TK songs about Tony not knowing anyone would ever hear them. And all the ones about Gavin after TK were veryyyy ambiguous and in the public eye they always seem fine. If she were to ever write another record everyone would pick the lyrics apart because of this public divorce. Idk I could be wrong but it just doesn’t seem like Gwen to me.

  49. Gwen said in a recent interview that ever after no doubt made it big, there has been tremendous pressure on her to create.

    Let’s not make this time any more difficult for her by pressuring her to write songs.

  50. @BOB I see your point, I think she’ll definitely write about it just not as explicitly as the TK days, you’re right she wouldn’t want her children to read that kinda stuff (thinking Happy Now?).

  51. I remember when Kingston was born many fans assumed she’d write some “deep” and emotional songs about motherhood, but she never did that. I totally agree with Bob. Gwen is a very private person and I don’t see her dish about the divorce in future songs. TK and RoS were ages ago, she isn’t that person anymore.

  52. Well, Undone (and DTSD a bit) is probably her most honest song from the last few years and many people haven’t even paid enough attention to it. Just read between the lines. 😉

  53. The lyrics to One More Summer are very telling I think… But that’s the nature of lyrics, she can put them out there and we can read what ever we like into them. In the end we’ll never know… All I know is my favourite person on earth is probably very sad right now and that makes me sad too.

  54. I’m very sad too ;( It must be devastating.

    I hope Gwen has a strong support system to help her through this time.

    For me personally it makes it harder for me to believe in true/everlasting love. I guess I put them on a pedestal like many others did too.

  55. Omg people Gwen is a celebrity and very very good at PR and keeping her reputation as is we do not know her personally as much as we all feel we do from her lyrics we will never truly know what they mean to her and yes I can assure you I was in a 12 year relationship myself and at the end it was like I can’t look at this persons face anymore its literally making me sick after a certain person does so much shit to you or they are ruined in your eyes it takes on a meaning of its own I mean sometimes I think to myself Jesus all the other ND fans I meet seem so naive about life its like haven’t you experienced pain?? Or for that matter anything???

  56. Now, I will feel very sad everytime I hear her singing Simple Kind Of Life and Ex-Girlfriend… : (

  57. @D, did u produce 3 children in your 12 year relationship? When kids are involved its a whole other ball game. Gavin will always be there. Even after the kids turn 18, when one of them becomes a father, I assure you grandparents Gwen and gavin will be there.

  58. @ the bat caver, I was just thinking, the next time Gwen performs Ex Girlfriend she could change the words to ” I should’ve thought of that before we hitched”

  59. D, you’re flying lol. No, we have never experienced pain never been into relationships. That’s like a Gwen exclusive. LMAO!

  60. (Btw I’m just being sarcastic. Obviously I’m not gonna bring my personal life to a comments section on the internet.)

  61. I’m just glad Gwen’s team is handeling her divorce better than it handled her solo comeback lol.

  62. I know I was stating my personal feelings @NDLOVER no offense taken its all good! @ the lovely lovely BOB (rolls eyes) no no children involved again only stating my personal feelings

  63. @D, seriously though I meant no disrespect with my original comment you responded to, I should’ve worded different. Apologies

  64. Y dónde está la gente que habla español? No tienen ninguna opinión al respecto?… : S

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