Urban Decay Event and Sneak Peek at Upcoming Eyeshadow Palette (Updated)


Gwen sat down with Glamour to discuss the new eyeshadow palette and hints at a lipstick collection on the way.

She also revealed another new song title, “War Paint”, which she says has a “tribal” vibe. “It’s all about facing your life and facing yourself. Who am I today? What do I feel like?”


Gwen and stellar makeup brand Urban Decay hosted a press event this afternoon to reveal her upcoming eyeshadow palette from the upcoming The UD | Gwen Stefani Collection. Photos have been popping up from the interview for Urban Decay today ahead of the palette’s arrival next month. Gwen posed for photos and took selfies with the media, beauty editors and YouTube stars. Insiders from all over the world were there to get an early look at the palette.

YouTube star and makeup artist Kandee Johnson Tweeted out yesterday asking fans to submit questions for her interview with Gwen today. She shared saying she filmed a little video with her today and also posted a sneak peek at the eyeshadow palette which features gorgeous Gwen on the packaging.

Pop Sugar also posted an exclusive look at the palette swatches and says that every color tells a story from Gwen’s life. She also helped create all of the shades (15 in all) except for three (Eeek! — we love them all! — and we think it’s extremely special the palette has “Magic’s In The Makeup” inscribed on the mirror). The palette is out on November 22 online, hits all retails stores in early December, and is set to retail for $58.

Looks like it’s been a busy day for Gwen and that we have a lot to look forward to!

Amazing day with @gwenstefani celebrating the launch of the ultimate beauty collab! #udxgwen

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Lights. Camera. Action. A day well spent with Gwen Stefani and @urbandecaycosmetics #udxgwen 🎥📷💄

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그웬 스테파니가 직접 참여한 슈퍼스타 아이섀도는 바로 이 것! 짐승 아이섀도 팔레트란 바로 이럴 ë•Œ 하는 말이쥬? 그런데 이 언니 셀카 포즈 ì°¸ 자연스럽네💋언니 나이스 포토샷😍 #그웬스테파니 #gwenstefani #어반디케이 #urbandecay #팔레트 #센언니 아니죠 #패션뷰티왕 #언니 맞습니다

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@gwenstefani telling @urbandecaycosmetics' @udwende how she decides to take on a project. #UDxGWEN

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Gwen telling stories… #udxgwen

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"This is exactly what I wear." -@gwenstefani on her @urbandecaycosmetics palette #udxgwen

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