Instagrams: Gwen’s Swiss Vacation

Very cute! Gwen shared a few more photos from her family’s Swiss vacation this morning on Instagram including a sweet selfie shot with Gavin.

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    1. right! the worse thing in the article was involving the children, blaming poor Apollo for the “problems” .. Such bastards!!! They look like a perfect and happy family, and people are jealous.. that’s my guess…

  1. Meh…just ignore it. The media looooves to tear couples up. Look at how they’re after Jay/Bey lately. BTW, the pic of Apollo peaking out is adorable!!

  2. I wrote that on the comments on Instagram as people were going nuts saying it was Portuguese for cow (eye rolling…). For sure she was trying to write “vacay” and ate the Y letter.

  3. Yeah, I know. I believe that most people that wrote that, knows that she meant to say “vacation”. But it’s funny that it also means “cow” to us and she said that next to a cow.

  4. What beautiful and sexy house wife ! She is sole in the world. No copy or fake possible !
    Gavin is a happy man !

  5. They are both good looking. They make beautiful little ones. It would have been nice for them to have had a little girl in the mix. They are a beautiful family. Little Apollo is so cute I love his little blue jean diaper pants with the back pockets. That little dude is cool.

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