Photos: gx Launch Party in New York (Updated)

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Gwen is back in New York this afternoon and attended a presentation featuring new heels and handbags coming soon from gx! A few lucky attendees shared photos of the event hosted by Titan Industries and we are drooling.

We are seeing tons of new handbags and shoes (including sneakers and sandals!) in gorgeous and familiar prints that we’re used to seeing from L.A.M.B, too. The new collection looks amazing! The spring line is expected to hit retailers, including Nordstrom and specialty boutiques, starting next year.

Gwen looks absolutely fabulous and its great to see her back!

Huge thank you to Instagram’s salon_hairandnails for sharing a ton of photos from the event and teasing us with what to expect next!

9 Replies to “Photos: gx Launch Party in New York (Updated)”

  1. at first I was going to reply with the shoes and bags I really want but then I kept scrolling dowwnnn and omfg! drool! I seriously want them all! but no matter what, I AM going to have the lip print items! I better start selling stuff on ebay! lol

    1. Seriously! I honestly haven’t been too impressed with the gx line so far (I’ve only picked up a pair of flip flops) but I am OBSESSED with so much of this stuff already. And the L.A.M.B. print looking sneaks? Everything looks so good! Thank goodness I kept my VIP membership. 🙂

  2. Awesome that Gwen’s doing sneakers again! Wish she would come out with some more men’s sneakers though, I’m sure she could come up with some fun prints…

  3. This collection looks much better! The bags look a lot like the LAMB bags! Specially the leopard print ones.

  4. The majority of the items in the pictures look super awesome and like something I would buy. @theshoegirl replied to my IG question and said they would be affordable and easy to walk in. And it totally looks like she was right!!! yesss. now I just have to save.

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