Instagrams: Gwen’s #FavoriteVacaEver In Montana

Gwen has been sharing photos this afternoon from her scenic vacation in Montana. She posted a few photos and even a neat video of herself riding horseback in the gorgeous state. We can see that she is having a wonderful time (and called being Montana her favorite vacation ever) with her family and thank her for sharing!

Wow #Montana u r so beautiful #favoritevacaever #neverwanttogohome💓 🐴🐴🐴🐴🌈⛅️gx

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#Montana 💓💓💓💓#sobeautiful 🐴 gx

A video posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

#Montana gx

A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

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  1. Apollo looks just like Kingston!! I’m surprised she’s over there though, I thought shed be filming the voice still??

  2. It’s about time Gwen got to have a vacation…It’s wonderful that she shared it with her fans. She looks happier than ever. I hope they get some well needed family private time. & Respect. To Gwen.

  3. When do you guys think her new single will be released? I was thinking end of august would be perfect and she can debut it live at the vma awards. Otherwise wait until October when she should have debuted BDL on the voice.

  4. I’m happy she’s enjoying some quality time with her family.
    I really hope she releases her new single next month or early September…

  5. She looks so happy, I hope she enjoys her vacation 🙂

    To be honest, I don’t think we will get a new single anytime soon. Maybe around October/November. I don’t think the album will be out this year.

  6. I agree with YYY, I think we’ll get the single towards the end of the voice & maybe she’ll perform it on the show as well. It would be cool if she did release it around vma time, but even if she did they wouldn’t have her perform, the vmas have #1 hits performed, or an artist in the top 10

  7. I love the glimpses we get of ‘gwen the mother’ because before she had any kids she was always so vocal about wanting them. So happy for her

  8. I’m hopeful the album will be out this year. It would be great to get a single next month but I think ND will have to finish up with the festival gigs before she releases anything solo.
    Also, what about the TK 20th anniversary? Do you think the band will let it fly by without notice?

  9. Yes, I think the band will pretty much ignore the anniversary of TK. I know we as fans have all those great ideas what they could do to celebrate it, but I don’t think they are really up to any of this. Maybe they will have their team post something about it on Facebook along with a vintage photo or something.

    I really don’t see Gwen’s album being released this year. I see no signs of anything being around the corner and neither Gwen nor Interscope have said anything about the album for quite some time now. It’s alsmot August now and we still basically know nothing about this album. She’d have to release a new (buzz) single now to get some momentum again and to release this album later this year. Considering how promotional plans usually work, I think it’s already too late to have a proper rollout. They’d have to announce and tease the new single now, if it was to be released in August. I think she might premiere a new single by the end of The Voice.

    I know all of this sounds really negative again, but it’s actually not meant to be. I just think it’s better to be more realistic now and after all I’ve seen in 2014 I’m keeping my expectations low to avoid further disappointment.

  10. I’m actually confident the album will come out this year. I have no idea what their plans are but I think things will start happening when we least expect. At least I hope so.

  11. I agree 110% with YYY. as far as the TK anniversary itd be so cool if something was done to celebrate, a reissue, a live compilation….anything….even a anniversary poster we could buy online, SOMETHING. but I think all we’ll get is a throwback photo posted on social media. I’d bet anything that gwens album wont be released until next year, we’ll get a single towards the end of the voice

  12. Yeah I do agree but wouldn’t it make more sense for her to release the album while she’s on the voice? Considering if was supposed to be released last year I say they should just put it out already and if it flops it flops.

  13. ^ Exactly! She obviously wasn’t ready last year and was kind of rushed into the studio, so she decided to take more time. At this stage I’m assuming she’s more than ready. Why waste another opportunity since she’s returning to The Voice? Now this is perfect timing. I’m sure she’s fully prepared. So they better milk the hell out of it and use that platform to promote this album. Otherwise fans will be mad, especially at Interscope.

  14. I think you guys overestimate the promotional possibilites The Voice has to offer. If Gwen released the album during the next season, she could perform her new single on the show and that’s it. There’s not much to milk. One performance on The Voice won’t be enough to sell an album, especially after two flopped comeback singles.

    I think it would be smarter to release a new single towards the end of The Voice along with a performance, fully promote it until February/March and then release the album around April along with another single. They should avoid Q4 since it will be too crowded with big releases imho.

  15. ^ I guess you missed my point, but whatever. Obviously she won’t be sitting in that chair and rely on it and ignore there’s an album to be promoted. This is just the platform she needs to perform her new single (hopefully a more suitable song) and announce her album. Of course her music needs to be on iTunes, ready to go. Otherwise people won’t be interested and will forget there will be an album next year. Next? Not really. They need to act. Put that album on iTunes for yesterday.

  16. Why do they need to act now? Nobody is anticipating this album, they have all the time in the world. General interest has been down to zero for months. Look, I want this album out too, but they already delayed it for almost a whole year. Why rush it now only because Gwen will be doing another season of The Voice? We don’t even know if this album is close to being finished. We haven’t been given any new information for a long time. She could still be working on it for the rest of the year. Who knows?

  17. To respond to YYY what good would it do by waiting? At least she will be on tv two or three nights a week and be in the public eye more so than waiting until the voice is over. She’s not a big enough star anymore to release it whenever. Interscope has to have a full promotion schedule to make it successful. The clear choice would be releasing it while she’s on tv weekly if she can take out time to promote it while doing the show.

  18. Yeah it’s like beating a dead horse, imo. I think it would be a good move to drop the album with a killer lead single rather than keep releasing buzz singles. I guess people at this point are more interested in hearing a full length than just another single.

  19. @Lisa: I think at this point it just doesn’t matter anymore, because the general public has lost interest in her comeback months ago. Gwen’s first time on The Voice was a good timing to come back with new music, now it will always feel like the second try after a failed attempt. Personally I think Gwen has better chances to stand out with new material in Q1, because there usually aren’t many new releases coming out and she will have more time to actually promote a single once she isn’t committed to The Voice anymore. The Voice is great to get her name circling around again, but I don’t think it leaves her enough time and space to fully promote her music. Just because people see her on TV every week doesn’t mean they will care about her music.

  20. 10 Artists That Need To Collaborate with Skrillex

    Gwen Stefani
    “Baby Don’t Lie” and “Spark The Fire” were… fine. But the Gwen Stefani Comeback Machine needs to be oiled up with something truly earth-shattering. A Skrillex collaboration would give Gwen the juice she needs to get her third solo project off the ground, and (ideally) a banger to finally match the intensity of “What You Waiting For?”

    (After the Eminem collab. I guess we can expect anything. We know ND / Tony & Gwen were together with Skrillex in the studio in 2013. I wonder what happened to that material…)

  21. I think she needs to just go back to the band they need to say fuck it quit trying so hard and make an album they all actually want to make that’s what will put ND back on the map like they did with RS they did it their way and they had fun doing it to me the making of push and shove seemed like more of a pain in the ass to the whole band and i honestly don’t think Gwen and Tom get along that well its pretty obvious what happened to the next album after push and shove? Well Gwen decided to go solo again bad decision IMO…

  22. Unfortunate and VERY sad news about Gwen and Gavin today 🙁 so Sad but I did think it was a little odd that they were on vacation in Montana and Gavin was posting pics of him in London.

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