Instagrams: Gwen Back In The Studio with Pharrell

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Gwen shared a couple photos from the studio last week when she was back to work with Pharrell Williams.

The caption says “big day today” and she recently shared with Time magazine that she was still writing her third solo album expected early next year. Gwen says that the two were making “new magic together in the studio”. Keep it up, Gwen!

Big day today 👏🙏👏🙏👏@pharrell @nbcthevoice gx

A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

Gwen also shared on Twitter a few videos

One Reply to “Instagrams: Gwen Back In The Studio with Pharrell”

  1. I’m already cyring for all the great pop songs that won’t make it on the album, because of numerous samey Pharrell tracks 🙁

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