Instagrams: Day 2 On The Voice Set (Updated)

Gwen is back on the set of The Voice early this morning and shared some photos, including one of herself rocking the black tips again.

Tom also shared a personal photo of himself with Adrian over a 12-egg omelet back in 1992 while on tour. It looks like they has stopped by the iconic Beth’s Cafe in my hometown of Seattle. Pretty rad!

Here is what Tom posted on Instagam about the photo:

Here is a scan of a polaroid from a tour we did in 1992. Adrian and I ordered the 12 egg omelette to share. And couldn’t finish it. So we packed it up to go, for the van ride to where ever. It started smelling bad pretty quick. Amazing the memory a photo can bring back! @adrianyoungnd @nodoubt

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      1. thank you jenny for answer.

        on the left almost no make up, on the right with !

        but in “return of saturn”, gwen stefani ask her who is she if make up is all off ?

        to contribute i ask the question about it ! it’s a feedback.

        the answer is done in lyrics …

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