Instagrams: Harajuku Lovers Cartoon Shoot (Updated)


Gwen revealed that today’s shoot is for the new and upcoming Harajuku Lovers cartoon series!

In January, Gwen spilled the beans on plans of a 52-episode series featuring the Harajuku Girls said to be released sometime this year. No other details have been said yet but we’re excited for this brand new adventure for Gwen and her amazing teams!

Gwen posted a pretty selfie this morning and shared with everyone that she was on her way to a shoot. Wishing her the best of luck today!

16 Replies to “Instagrams: Harajuku Lovers Cartoon Shoot (Updated)”

  1. I wonder if the 52 episode thing is still happening. She could be filming a new commercial for a new HL perfume though.

    1. With all the buzz going around lately, I totally spaced on the cartoon and fragrance coming! This “era” is starting to bring me back to 2006-2007. I’m a sucker for all of her projects!

  2. Just kind of creeps me out. The whole harajuki thing has always been weird. Now a cartoon? Aren’t toys and childrens clothes enough? This is where her branding should stop. It’s just all around corny. But just my opinion

  3. I guess a little too girly girl for my tastes. GI Joe freaks me out for the same reasons. It’s exteme cliche of the sexes. I find it regressive.

  4. It makes me think, that her brother eric is or was designer for SIMPSONS.

    Maybe especially people who went to HARAJAKU Neighborhood in japan can really understand the mainstream …

    She is a global star since a long time ! not only for americans people !

  5. This is so exciting! I can’t wait to find out more – who would’ve thought those harajuku girls would evolve into something like this?!! That’s pure Gwen magic

  6. I just hope this cartoon will be really, really, really sensitive with “racial” aspects… People just love to scream “racism!” at everything these days. So yeah, please not too much cute Asian stuff and cliches.

  7. Remember that the HL fragrances had like 5 different cartoon commercials before. So it’s not like it’s something totally new. Maybe the animation will be something similar but with a storyline now.

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