Instagram: Gwen for People Magazine

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Check out a gorgeous photo of Gwen courtesy of Los Angeles based photographer, Pamela Littky, from her recent editorial shoot for People magazine.

9 Replies to “Instagram: Gwen for People Magazine”

  1. I know we are not supposed to post paparazzi pics there are pics of Gwen at LAX from last night and her outfit is killer

    1. Those pants looks like comme des garçon and the boots r from Pharrell’s bbc. I wanna see her to rock vivenne Westwood dresses again just like old times

  2. Check out…. I’m against the paparazzi too but I must admit I’m fascinated with Gwen n her style

  3. zimbio (they have pics of her and Apollo from today) is the place to look for pics, and if you can handle the stupid write-ups from the Daily Mail lol look there too (they have pics of her and Gavin from yesterday)

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