Instagram: On Set With Makeup Artist Kristofer Buckle

Wow! Check out a stunning photo of Gwen on what looks like a shoot of some sort courtesy of makeup artist Kristofer Buckle this morning on Instagram. The look is something quite new for her and we can’t wait to see more!

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  1. The make up looks gorgeous, it’s a fresh look for her. Her trademark look is getting old and she needed a change. I think it highlights the changes in her face (nose, cheekbones and lips) but it’s more of a clean look for her.

  2. I’ve gotten so used to regular look that she looks like a different person when she tries new makeup.

  3. I’m sorry but this picture creeps me out. they look exactly the same. like aliens.
    i hope she chills out with all this face work. i respect gwen immensely, but despise this side of her that buys in to the culture of plastic surgery. same goes for this dude, whoever he is.

    1. AN And in this moment, she is very beautiful with good cheeks like in the 1990-2010 years. thanks his pregnancy. Because just before she had the face too thin like in 2012.

  4. NDLOVER… she does look a little retouched. It’s no secret that she has work done (it shows!) and this picture kinda shows those enhancements.

  5. I don’t understand you guys. She looks really gorgeous in this pic. Who cares if she’s showing off her ‘enhanced’ new features? She seems very confident about it and that’s all that matters. Maybe that’s what they wanted for the photo shoot?

  6. She looks way too plastic and “Hollywood” here. I hope this is not a permanent thing, also hope she doesn’t go on national tv like that. She looks like a real house wife of OC. This makeup is way too extreme.

  7. THIS makeup is too extreme? Hilarious.

    Anyway, I think she’s really going to stun on this season of the voice

  8. I think Gwen looks very beautiful here…
    though I do think it may be a bit too much makeup..
    I think Gwen’s so naturally beautiful that she doesn’t need loads, that’s all.. x

  9. NDLOVER, u really need to chill! You attack everyone that has a different opinion from u. Not everyone says AMEN to everything Gwen and/or the band does. People are fans not followers and are entitled to have their own opinions.

    1. And who are you to tell me that I need to chill? Calling her a sellout or cheap are definitely not the nicest terms to define her new look. If you’re not pleased, just deal with it. Yes you can say you don’t like her looks but choose your words wisely. Not need to attack her.

  10. She looks good but at first glance I thought it was a little strange that the guy looks like Gwen – with the obvious exceptions- hair and eye color. I like her look. Very cute.

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