Gwen’s Private Performance for NBC (Updated)

TODAY news anchor Natalie Morales shared a few photos from Gwen’s private performance for NBC staff and executives last night held in Universal City. She looked incredible and rocked a corseted leopard jumpsuit that she wore during her MasterCard show in New York this past November.

Natalie also shared a couple of clips from the show including “Cool” and “Used To Love You”.

Up close with #gwenstefani! Have an even bigger girl crush now.

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    1. I was thinking the same thing. That would be amazing promo, but she needs to perform more new songs from the album, not the singles over and over.

      1. Lisa, maybe this is already the performance they will air at some point? Just like they did with Adele’s?

  1. Hey I saw a pic of Gwen on the cover of ‘People’….Will u guys post on that?… ‘People’ I think is more than a tabloid…(maybe fans outside of the US do not see the difference but this magazine isnt considered one of the rags here). Just wondering because I went on there website and there was only so little to read and usually the mag talks to the subject/cover people.. Just want more info

    1. I wanted to pick it up and look into it more before posting. I don’t feel comfortable posting about their personal lives unless it’s shared by the band themselves, especially from magazines and their “inside sources” and Gwen and Blake’s “untold love story”. It’s a super cute photo on the cover though lol.

      1. Jenny, I read it. It’s a story based on “sources”, nothing really official, I think you do good by not putting it put on BSO.

  2. NDlover do you need to be punched into reality? Or do you think it’s completly normal for a size 2/4 woman to suddenly look like she hasn’t moved her bowels in 3 weeks? Gwen is vain everyone in Hollywood is but if your already born vain and then become a star trust me you are not going to wear anything that makes you look heavier look at her face her arms her legs her stomach! She is prgnant your in denial serious denial

  3. Pregnant or not, but her fashion choices become more and more questionable for my taste. I used to adore her style, but lately she often looks a little trashy imho 🙁

  4. “suddenly look like she hasn’t moved her bowels in 3 weeks”
    So that’s the argument? Gwen is not Britney Spears, she does not do coreography. To me she is moving as much as she did in the past when doing her solo songs. Can’t she simply have a bad back? She’s know to go to an acupuncture on a daily basis.

  5. I actually love these outfits she’s been sporting lately. It’s like a mix of stuff she’s always wore.

  6. I don’t think she’s pregnant. She lost some weight because she was obviously sad and depressed after her divorce. She was looking too skinny for my taste. I think she looks healthier now, she’s returning to a healthier weight.

  7. She was basically naked in that red Oscars dress… I don’t she is pregnant tbh… Actually I think she has never looked skinnier.

    1. Yeah, her drinking champagne the other night confirmed for me that she is not. She would NOT do anything to risk it if she were…especially considering how she refers to Apollo as a miracle. But, the conspiracy theorists will probably say it was water in the champagne glass LOL

  8. Did you guys pour that glass for her?? LOLOLOL it could’ve literally been ANYTHING in that cup, and u guys fall for it. And wow even the dress she wore distracted you all.

    1. Now that made me laugh. I really REALLY hope you are joking Bob. But in case you aren’t, I will appease you and say…yes…I’m sure both Blake and Gwen were drinking apple juice out of their champagne glasses at a red carpet event for Vanity Fair. Makes total sense. The next time I’m at a bar, I’m going to order a non-alcoholic beverage in a champagne flute too. Cause it’s classy 😉

  9. I mean the dress she wore alone SCREAMS ‘hey don’t look at my stomach! Let me show you the rest of my body to distract you! Ooh ya and let me hold this glass too’ LOLOLOL we’ve seen this woman pregnant 3 times before, I don’t know how much more blatantly in your face it can be. LOOK where the weight is gained, that’s NOT fat.

  10. @amanda_g or if your in the middle of a divorce (with millions at stake) carrying another mans child, on the cover of tabloids literally every week with pregnancy rumors..simply holding a glass would set (some) people’s minds/suspicions to rest. It did with you

    1. I was hoping your next response would be that she was holding it for Blake LOL Or maybe it was photoshopped into her hand!! 😀

  11. And you’re right also @amanda_g, it’s a vanity fair party, I’m 100% certain even if you ordered water they’re not gonna give it to u in a red plastic cup. Not that kind of party. I’m sure not every person at the party were drinking either

  12. I’m not going tick for tack with anyone about this anymore, especially with the people I like on here. I don’t like sounding like some of the delusional fans on here. I like to comment with almost all of u, and we usually do so with respect. You can show me a million pictures of her holding a beer can, smoking a joint, outside an abortion clinic…whatever! until her stomach stops growing I’m gonna believe there’s a baby in there. If in four months she looks the same, than I’m wrong and I’ll own it. Until then, I believe one thing some of you believe another. Cool? Now let’s conduct ourselves like we normally do

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