Instagram: Gwen’s Gorgeous Selfie; Message From The Webmaster

Gwen took to her Instagram tonight to share a new gorgeous selfie saying she misses her fans and wanted more contact. She seems to be working really hard behind the scenes and asks everyone to send her positive vibes.

We love you, Gwen, and are always wanting and wishing the best for you, your projects and loved ones.

On a personal note, we’ve noticed a huge amount of negativity towards No Doubt and each other on the site lately. We please ask that that you be considerate of others (including the band) while commenting and keep in mind that everyone has their own opinions and frustrations and try not to take it out on each other. Trust us, we understand the passion for this band and how we are all different in how we express it. We run this site out of love and admiration for this band (and we’re assuming that’s the whole reason why you’re here) and it’s tough to stay positive in what can be a toxic environment at times for fans. A real love survives a rock steady vibe. We don’t think it should come down to banning, moderating or even disabling comments, but it’s getting extreme. We welcome conversations and it’s amazing to have this big of an outlet to reach out, be creative, and continue to share the latest news and updates on No Doubt, but we ask that you please be respectful. We thank you so much for continuing to support No Doubt and Beacon Street Online over the years.

Random selfie cause I sorta miss u and feel like we need more contact #sendmeyourvibes #ineedu gx

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  1. I couldnt agree more… Its OK to think different and discuss our opionions but it far too often becomes a bashing of eachother and the band. This fanbase is more than that. Thats why weve lasted so long!

  2. I totally agree with this message. I read some of the comments from the harajuku tea party and KND release posts and I was what it’s going on with people nowadays, it’s not only in here but in the whole world. People is getting more intolerant and agressive, they doesn’t respect different opinions and are taking everything too personal…It’s funny to see that ND have this positive and vibrant energy, while some of their fans are showing the opposite… I think that if things keep going on the same, it would be necessary to close the comments section for a while…

  3. Thanks for writing that message, Jenny. Please, accept this as my sincere apology. We all get carried away from time to time, but it takes two… and a collective apology is long due. I think we can all learn from this and move forward. I hope we can change and make it a better community.

  4. Omg! We were all literally bickering over a freakin hair-do! D r a m a! Lol

    no but seriously were all here out of absolute love for Gwen and the boys

  5. I feel like we all got sent to the principals office, lolol (bad flash backs) —-no matter how ridiculous we can get I love this lil community—drama & all. It gives me a good laugh <3

  6. I’m sorry too for the drama! I guess (if I may speak for everyone) it all comes from a collective passion for Gwen and No Doubt, but the frustrations we feel about the creative direction and commercial reception of the recent projects has created some toxicity. We all just have to remember that we are here because we love Gwen and the band and we should always be supportive of them- because they need us too!

  7. I feel bad that Jenny felt the need to address this, but yeah more love and less drama sounds good <3

  8. I guess we’re all feeling a certain level of common frustration by now since things have been so shakey lately in ND/Gwen-land. Let’s just all hope that things will get better once there is new music on the horizon.

  9. she doesnt say POSITIVE , she only says send me ur VIBES..

    so either negative or positive, its just ur opinion,

    she doesnt depend on us. She has a life and a family.

    so doesnt start saying ohhh ur agressive and intolerant, we r just waiting for a good song, she was accostum to make and thats it.

    1. There is no reason to be sending her negative vibes. Ever. You may not agree or like something that she’s worked on but we should always have and show respect for her. She’s incredible and has a kind heart. We have no idea what’s going on in Gwen’s head or what she may be working on. We should just chill at this point on her, the band and each other.

      It’s understanding to have such high expectations for this band (and by default, Gwen) for so many reasons. You’ve loved and have followed them your whole life and/or even spent thousands on traveling to see them over the years — I know I have. But they are still human beings and have always done things at their own pace. I know it’s cliche to say but we’re really darn lucky for them to still be producing music and traveling and touring. I’ll even admit that at times it’s been frustrating the last few years, with me not being able to travel and they haven’t come anywhere near me on tour, but I still have faith. They’ve always been there for me growing up so we should just relax and enjoy what moments we have.

  10. I can only speak for myself, but I think I’ve been Gwen/ND heart broken since the Push &Shove fiasco, especially since the most of album is awesome!! Seeing all the pictures they posted day after day in the studio was so exciting!!! The webinars were so killer, the early sound clips released made me think they were gonna win Grammys and all the awards out there. My personal confusion comes from Gwen/ND saying they were getting back in the studio right away, then nothing happens. For me that’s the let down. Why say it? I would travel a million miles to go see Gwen/ND even if they wore paper bags and tapped spoons together. For the new solo album, I wish she would just say it will be done when it’s done, not say a date and push it back and back and back. That’s the frustrating part for me that I don’t get. Why say it? For me, the recent new music with all the collabs have been something I listen to once then press skip on the CD. The best music comes when Gwen writes her own and doesn’t relying on other artists to write it. I’m forever ready for Gwen/ ND to blow us away again!! They are the most talented amazing artist out there. Love you Gwen!!!!!!!

  11. Glad you addressed all the negativity that’s been going on here lately, we should be sending love to ND not being so critical. Gwen looks gorgeous as always and I’m glad she misses us like we miss her!!

  12. As long as we are having conversation/discussion about the WORK that Gwen/ND put out there for us ——and NOT there family, children, or personal life i dont see anything wrong with saying something as simple and silly as not liking a hair style—- as long as its not attacking. Gwen/ND still can release music, tour, have clothing lines, and be apart of great ventures ALLLL because WE continue to SUPPORT them. To be absolutely blunt if anything i think Gwen should be flattered to still have people still even care if we like or dislike her hair styles.

    i feel like addressing this “issue” is actually more dramatic than the actual “drama” in the comments LOL

    theres my 2 cents—– but now that this “issue” is properly addressed, ill keep my comments PG.

    1. Yes, that is exactly my point. Fans are more than welcome to discuss hairstyles, music, etc. — heck, I think it’s interesting in seeing different point of views — but there is no tolerance for personal attacks on each other and/or the band. That is not what we’re here for.

      I’m not meaning to draw more attention to the negativity (since I don’t see any need for it and I’m doing my best to clean some of it up) but just a refresher to some that everyone’s opinions are welcome, but just asking for mutual respect for the band and each other.

  13. i think gwen and no doubt need more support even if all people can not be agree.
    Gwen and no doubt live a hard moment, they need more love, respect and support (like in the past) in the goal to go very on the top and to be creative.
    i kiss Gwen and no doubt.

  14. Yes the early webcam episodes were amazing the music sounded so good I honestly think they should have chose a different producer the album was so stripped of everything ND is and their signature sound if someone else had produced it I can pretty much guarantee none of this would even be being discussed

  15. Sending only positive vibes Gwen and the guys way like jenny said you never know what’s going on inside someone else’s head “in my head” and its extremely obvious from Gwen’s lyrics that she is overly critical of herself that’s what has always been so great about Gwen she is guanine and to see her heading in this direction is very very hard for alot of fans as it is for me

  16. I’m not understanding why there would ever be a need to bash anyones creative mind. I would like to see Gwen make music or not make music because SHE desires it.. I am a fan but she doesn’t owe me anything, the band doesn’t owe me anything. I am priveleged to be able to hear music period let alone the awesomeness that is No Doubt. My life is blessed because musicians create and their creativity is a beautiful outlet for us to let loose and vibe out too and if we’re really lucky.. get inspired in our own lives… their personal decisions of clothing or hairstyle is a mute point as it is a personal decision. I support you guys and you don’t owe me anything.. the only opinion I will ever share about your personal choices will be when you send me a text to ask hey Ash what do you think of this.. until then.. do you! Take as much time as you want.. tour where you want.. this fan stands behind you (I mean as long as your not being hurtful to yourself and others you know )

  17. I already sent her my positive vibes. I do it all the time. Thanks for posting that personal note, BSO. I agree with you.

  18. Jenny & BSO, just a big thanks for the site in general, it keeps us more up to date than anywhere else

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