Instagram: Gwen Working with Love, JT

Up-and-coming hip-hop artist Love, JT has posted a new photo with Gwen and shared that he is working with her presumably on new music. He is associated with Dr. Dre which might be a hint on a new direction for Gwen.

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  1. I’d actually be more excitied about Gwen working with Justin Timberlake lol. I’m still not sure what direction Gwen’s new solo music will take, but I assume it’ll be rather… “urban”? Like, more TSE than L.A.M.B. I guess. I think it’s cool that she’s (also) working with people, who aren’t well known. This might add some unexpected freshness to her comeback and it’s still better than picking people such as Dr. Luke and Pitbull, who have already worked with everybody and their mother.

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