Instagram: Gwen With Chin Injeti and DJ Khalil (Updated)

The New Royales (which members include both Chin and DJ Khalil) have pretty much confirmed that Gwen is indeed working with them on new music. The group re-posted the photo and included the comment “making magic with the lovely @gwenstefani #newmusic”. The group is expected to put out new music of their own this year.

Producer Chin Injeti shared a photo on Instagram from his meeting (in what looks like a studio) with Gwen and DJ Khalil yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles with the hashtag #lookoutsummer2014.

Both Chin and DJ Khalil most notably have worked with pop and hip-hop artists in the past including Eminem, Dr. Dre and Pink. Very interesting! And with rumors of another solo album in the works, this may only add fuel to the flames. Though it could be for an upcoming No Doubt project, Tom confirmed on Twitter a few days ago that the band still had nothing to mention at this time.

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  1. OMG! I’m crying, okey no, but this is exciting, so, we will have a single this summer? I’m dying!

  2. really? cd solo one more time? what happened to those 2011/2012s statements “will not do it (solo record) never again”? well… if it’s true, will be a little bit of contradiction by her part. but let’s wait and watch what happens.

  3. It sounds like a collab to me. I would think they would be promoting it by now if it were a new solo album for summer.

  4. Maybe she will drop a new single out of nothing and announce a new album? People would run to iTunes to buy it and pre-order the album! :O

  5. I don’t think there will be a full lenght album in summer, but I could see her dropping a “surprise” single and then announce a new album like NDLOVER suggested. But maybe she was just recording vocals for an upcoming feature? These two producers have primarily worked with Hip Hop/Rap artists so far, so maybe there will be a collaboration coming in summer? Maybe she’ll sing on a new Eminem track lol. He seems to be such a fanboy since he mentioned her various times in his songs.

  6. Haha! Yeah Eminem is a Gwen fan of sho! They produced a track for P!nk feat. Eminem, so I can see them doing the same for Gwen, since they barely step out of the rap/hip-hop scene.

  7. Those two have a group called The Royales or something and it could be a collaboration for that project as well.

  8. I guess the question now is- the new royals featuring Gwen or Gwen featuring the new royals. I hope the latter.

  9. this is not a “feat.Gwen” project, its for her solo. this isn’t me taking a guess either, dont believe just wait. one of these 2 already slipped. she’s gonna be in americas living room weekly, and not have something for sale????

  10. gwen doesn’t just throw her name on any song just to be featured. these 2 are not by themselves maintain enough or close to her to even do so

  11. its all just last min because she signed the nbc deal, dropped management, and wanna have something out for a buzz. shes 100% using the voice opportunity. NO DOUBTERS DONT BE NAIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Srsly? Solo stuff? This isnt Gwen’s solo project, guys. C’mon. It’ seems The New Royales project feat Gwen. She is just a special guest. Just it. And remember ND has new things recorded since 2012. Maybe they launch this year… or not. Anyway, I think you speculate too much, guys. Relax and let’s see what happens.

    Ps: Another day, Adrian tweeted about the possibility of a ND tour later this year.

  13. Yeah the hashtags got me intrigued… I wonder if this could be No Doubt material… Imagine! *swoons*

  14. who are “The New Royales” to even get a Feat.GWEN STEFANI, I’m telling you guys, i know, im not guessing

  15. Therea no ND tour at the end of the year, ND is on the back burner,, the focus 110% is the nbc gig & gwen solo

  16. our Gwennie-gwen-gwen, left the orange fields lonnnnng ago! homegirl has been HOLLYWOOD for a while now. She threw a bone at the boys for “Push & Shove”–they canned it soooo early, didnt even try to resurrect it—and interscope has been at GWEN ever since

  17. Bob, stop flooding the comments’ section. We have no idea yet what Gwen has been up to. So wait for official confirmation!

  18. I have to agree with Bob though: Nobody has ever heard of this band The New Royales… How on earth would they get Gwen Stefani to sing on one of their tracks?! This is highly unlikely… I think it’s either a solo song, or maybe a collaboration with some high class Hip Hop/Rap act that is produced by The New Royales (they might be a band, but first and for all they are a production team).

    The “nodoubt” tag seems totally random. Gwen working on new ND music all by herself and without any of the guys? Without Tony?! Let’s be realistic here…

    1. I also thought the “nodoubt” tag was just put on there randomly too, just like the “dontspeak” one… but who knows! I’m hyped though regardless. 🙂

  19. I agree with YeahYeahYeah. But it can be something about the Interscope wanting her to work with those guys, they might know if there’s something big coming from them. Remember when Jimmy wanted her to work with Akon? She felt insecure, but it worked very well.

  20. To me it seems like she/they are trying to have some new music out just in time for The Voice, so that Gwen will have something to promote on the show.

  21. I’ll die from laughter if this rumoured solo thing turns out to be just another No Doubt album. 😜

  22. I think it’s safe to say it’s not for No Doubt since Tom maintains that there’s nothing new to report.

    Gwen has collaborated with “unknowns” before so I don’t know why it’s a shock to people that she’d work with this group? And they aren’t really unknowns as two of them are popular producers and the girl was featured in an Eminem track that was out last year.

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