Instagram: Gwen Teases Something “New” For New York (Updated)

Gwen posted a new photo this afternoon sharing that she was off to New York for her upcoming sold-out solo show this Saturday exclusively for MasterCard Priceless Surprises. She captioned the photo saying she might be brining “something NEW” to the set outside of her material from Love.Angel.Music.Baby. and The Sweet Escape albums. Very exciting! During her previous solo show in Los Angeles for MasterCard, Gwen debuted her unreleased co-penned song with Sia, “Start a War”, to rave reviews from fans and critics. We can’t wait to see (and hear!) what Gwen has in store for the lucky fans this weekend in New York at the Hammerstein Ballroom!

Hi New York hi @commedesgarcons ❤️ gx

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Gwen is now in New York and shared a rad photo in anticipation for her upcoming show.

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  1. I am incredibly excited to hear what this something new is…
    Gwen is looking beautiful by the way,
    I wonder if they’ll of mixed this solo show up so it’s different from the last, different visuals, different styling etc
    or if they’ll of kept it quite similar… I’m very jealous of everyone getting to see this!!! xxx

  2. She did a lot of songs on the last show- I wouldn’t be surprised if she cut it down a bit. BTW I hope she won’t perform STF or BDL and has moved on from them..

  3. Will STF & BDL be on her album that’s coming up? I hope so, I really like them!

    Also, do you think she will release her upcoming solo album on vinyl like LAMB? I hope she does I love vinyl! I am still sad she didn’t release the sweet escape (album) on vinyl!:(

  4. I hope she continues to perform BDL and STF. I still like those songs. Anyway I hope those songs are on the standard album. She needs a fresh start. But I can see it being released on the deluxe edition of the album ( if there’s one.)

  5. She’s got those tired black tips still so I’m sure the show might be similar to the LA ones. I think she’ll perform STF & BDL because she can’t afford to just play all her older songs, I would think she’d want to contribute any/all new material

  6. Tomorrow will the day of BDL Maxi-Single release…. Anybody knows if is it true? Probably, fake… But who knows x.x

  7. I’ve been wondering and I guess Gwen may perform The Rainbow Connection on Saturday… that and Start A War again. I don’t think she’ll perform her new single before it being released.

    About her hair, I’m digging her black tips more now than last year tbh. Bring it on, Gwenny!

  8. Lol ND LOVER I’m sure when she said something new she meant one of her own songs… geez gwen isn’t that cruel. Who says she has to perform the new single? She has over 15 new songs to perform.

  9. Cruel? Even though TRC is a cover it’s still a brand new song. I’d actually love to hear her sing that live.

  10. I just don’t think she would say “and maybe something new” to get our hopes up and play an old song…plus it wouldn’t really mesh we’ll with her solo songs.

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