Instagram: Gwen Shares A “Sneak Peek” From The Voice Set

Gwen shared a sneak peek photo of herself sitting in the iconic red chair from the set of The Voice this afternoon! Today wraps up the blind auditions and she will back in August for battle rounds.

Psst! We heard that Gwen performed alongside her fellow Voice coaches this afternoon for an upcoming episode. Very exciting and we cannot wait to see Gwen rock the stage again in September. #TeamGwen

4 Replies to “Instagram: Gwen Shares A “Sneak Peek” From The Voice Set”

  1. I tought we were gonna see paparazzi pictures of Gwen going to work on the voice set. We usually see her going to the shopping centre, whole foods at the park with the kids, etc How come we haven’t seen her going to work for The Voice?

  2. When the site went offline a few weeks ago, many posts were removed and we don’t see any more candids. I’m guessing something happened to cause the sudden shift. We will have to look elsewhere for the candids.

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