Gwen Promoting MasterCard Priceless Surprises Campaign (Updated)


Check out more from the press event here.

Gwen sat down with MSN’s Wonderwall about her brand new MasterCard Priceless Surprises campaign this afternoon. She looks gorgeous and we hope to learn more about the interview soon!

Tickets for Gwen’s first MasterCard sponsored live show in Los Angeles go on-sale tomorrow exclusively to card holders starting at noon on Ticketmaster.

7 Replies to “Gwen Promoting MasterCard Priceless Surprises Campaign (Updated)”

  1. Gwen also posted a photo of a list which looks like to be a setlist and there are liks 25 songs on it. Makes me wonder if ND will be part of the “priceless surprises”

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Because even in the MasterCard press releases it says specifically that MasterCard will also be sponsoring future No Doubt. I REALLYYYYY thought about getting a ticket just for the possibility of seeing ND but (A) it’s not gonna be enough ND and I need at least an hour haha, and (B) I don’t have a MasterCard card so I couldn’t haha

  2. THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW! I watched the Mastercard commercial and Gwen was shooting prized, like, handbags, golf, and GWEN STEFANI CONCERT tickets. She’s known about this concert tour since BEFORE the commercial was made, and Mastercard is involved with this promo.

  3. I’m really bummed cause I applied for a MC a day before tix went on sale thinking they would release my full card # so I can purchase tix but no cigar. I applied for no reason. I was approved but takes 2 weeks to get card.

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