Instagram: Gwen On-Set of ‘We Love Disney’ Photo Shoot

15 Replies to “Instagram: Gwen On-Set of ‘We Love Disney’ Photo Shoot”

  1. I like that hairdo. She seems to love that too. We shouldn’t be bothered about it if she feels good with it.

  2. Yeah! If she likes the hairstyle let her rock it. Who cares? It somehow represents this era. People wanted something edgy so here ya go. I find it better than going constantly for the Old Hollywood /classic hairdos.

    Any idea if this album will be an American exclusive? Disney is a bit like that with certain releases. 🙁

  3. What a lovely picture! Is that a hint of black in her ponytail or is it just the collar? I wish she’d rock that look she had in May again!

  4. Gwen looks wonderful in this photo! Nice warm smile. I do like it better when the tips of her ponytail are dyed too like in the New video (how awesome was her look there??) and I think it would be nice if she changed the color around some more instead of just black.

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