Instagrams: Gwen On-Set Of New ‘Voice’ Photo Shoot (Updated)

Thank you to photographer Brian Bowen Smith for sharing a photo of himself and Gwen on what looks like to be a new shoot for The Voice. She looks so stunning and we’re looking forward to supporting her and Team Gwen this fall!

Another photo has surfaced from The Voice photo shoot which includes all four coaches courtesy of @jimmyjam69.

12 Replies to “Instagrams: Gwen On-Set Of New ‘Voice’ Photo Shoot (Updated)”

  1. Considering she was recording a bunch of songs with people the past few months I wonder if start a war or some of the other songs she mentioned before will even make the track list?

  2. Now that she performed SAW, I’d die if it wasn’t included. I love that song. Or at least release it as bonus track.

  3. ^ Yeah I also wonder if we’ll actually see any of the confirmed titles on the tracklist. I remember that a bunch of songs already got registered on ASCAP last year, but then they delayed the album and she recorded new songs with all those other people. SAW is a very strong track imho and it got very positive reactions… I really hope they didn’t scrap this one.

  4. I dont dislike SAW, but if gwens gonna do this new solo I want songs that are gonna bump right off my speakers that I can blasttttt lol

  5. Yeah I definitely want to hear some blast music from Gwen! But also like SAW, I’m down for that being included on a new album. She looks great, love the styling in this shoot.

  6. I really hope the two tracks she described as cooky (heart shape and can’t remember the other one) that she did with Pharrell are included. I love cooky gwen tracks! Would also love to finally hear carousel it was written for LAMB but was never released.

  7. Start a War is such a beautiful song! I keep watching it on YouTube but I need a clear even better version.

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