Instagram: Gwen On-Set Of A New Shoot

Thank you to The Kristoff Ball Salon for sharing a gorgeous photo of Gwen while on-set of a new shoot with Sophie Muller. We hope to see more soon!

Behind the scenes #gwenstefani #kristoffball #kristoffballhair #hair #salon #fashion #photoshoot #thevoice

A photo posted by The Kristoff Ball Salon (@kristoffballsalon) on

Regram @kristoffball: "Working with Gwen today. I have an amazing job."

A photo posted by The Kristoff Ball Salon (@kristoffballsalon) on

6 Replies to “Instagram: Gwen On-Set Of A New Shoot”

  1. Interesting that the picture is tagged “The Voice”… Could she be shooting new promos already? A little early, no? But of course with the little time she has it probably makes sense to do these kind of things early.

  2. Maybe she’ll be doing an appearance or be featured in some episodes. The Voice seems to really like having her in the show and it seems like doin tv gigs like this are more convinient for her current circumstance as a multi tasking mom lol

  3. The red dress immediately reminded me of Tragic Kingdom. How I wish it was a photo shoot for the 20th anniversary.

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