Instagrams: Gwen Loves Eos

Gwen shared a gorgeous photo of herself with morning plugging one of her favorite brands of lip balm, Eos. She looks stunning! Tony also posted a photo of himself and his two sweet girls commemorating their first fire of the season.

#yummy @eosproducts 😘 gx

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Happy first fire of the season with these two sprites

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11 Replies to “Instagrams: Gwen Loves Eos”

  1. ANOTHER AD? Where did our awesome Gwen go? You remember? The girl who hung with the boys and played on stage? Now she hawks things on QVC and twitter 🙁

  2. Laurie, who cares? I’d do exactly the same. Seriously, you guys moan over anything. Plus I doubt she would be promoting a product she didn’t like at all. Give her a break.

  3. Does she love It or is eos cutting her, jlo and others a nice check for promotion? 😉 either way good for her! Can’t stand haters on here who wish she was the Same as she was before she was an icon… she’s not 25 anymore ! Lol go gwen! Make that money!!!

  4. And that Laurie girl on her talking her crop saying gwen should be the same as she was in the 90s… and she’s selling products on qvc. Lol if you had fashion labels and were passionate about what you create wouldn’t you want to sell it? I mean Ughhh please sit down with your ignorant ass lol

  5. Gwen looks absolutely beautiful here and if it’s for money, who cares? I’d rather Gwen be promoting stuff over other celebs as it’s showing Gwen off in my opinion, like look how great Gwen is..

  6. I know someone who knows someone who handles Gwen’s investments and money she is worth 1.8 billion dollars that includes everything clothing lines and all I even know how much her solo contract is worth through Interscope….

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