Instagram: Gwen In Switzerland

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Gwen shared a precious photo with her son Apollo together in Switzerland this morning. She looks fabulous! The family flew out of London yesterday afternoon.

12 Replies to “Instagram: Gwen In Switzerland”

  1. She’s amazing….to be able to travel around the world, looking fabulously, and keeping up with her nursing schedule!

  2. Gwen Stefani has never gone in France for solo !

    No Doubt has gone in France only two times ! 1997 & 2012

    A lot of Frenchies did not know very well her music !


    1. Frederic, in fact Gwen went to Paris in 2007 during The Sweet Escape tour. She also said that it was her favourite concert in Europe, and if I’m not mistaken of the whole tour.

      1. you are right NDLOVER, i verified on google, she went for THE SWEET ESCAPE TOUR the September 17, 2007 at the room bercy in PARIS.

        I did not know her albums at the time.

  3. She looks really cute. Are Kingston and Zuma with them too? I’ve only seen Apollo. I miss candids 🙁

  4. Amanda, check out the daily mail. I know it’s an awful site but that’s how I’ve been keeping track.

  5. I’d rather stay away from gossip sites, but thank you for the suggestion 🙂 I found a Russian Gwen fan site that still posts candids so I’ll try that out!

  6. The Daily Mail really is awful but that’s what I use and luckily they always seem very positive about Gwen, unlike a lot of other celebrities..

  7. It’s so funny how much attention this picture gets, because of her apparently breastfeeding her son. I have to admit that I didn’t even notice… I thought she was holding her jacket or a blanket lol.

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