Instagram find: Gwen Backstage in Holland

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Thanks to Caroline, she believes this was taken backstage in Holland during the band’s appearance on Ahoy Rotterdam back on September 22, 1997.

Thank you to Instagram user jochemk for posting this cute picture of Gwen and himself from back in the day! It looks like it could have been taken backstage in 1997.

My sister @philomeen_kaan, #gwenstefani and myself (as a 17yo) <3 #goodtimes #memories

5 Replies to “Instagram find: Gwen Backstage in Holland”

  1. People might not like this, but maybe even a darker color too. Just a few shades. Just to try something different! Not that she doesn’t look great now! 😉

  2. I think this is backstage at Ahoy Rotterdam, Holland (september 22nd, 1997), my first ever ND gig! Gwen wore that outfit during TV interviews before the show. And Jochem sounds like a Dutch name 🙂

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