Instagram Finds: Vintage Photos of Gwen

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Check out an sweet photo of Gwen and Instagram’s @pistapalace that was shared this afternoon. We’re not quite sure where it’s from but she looks incredible (with the lightened eyebrows, we’re assuming mid-late 2004).


You know how we’ve always wanted to see a photo of the band with Robert Smith or The Cure? Check out a photo that professional skate boarder Tony Hawk had posted on his Instagram a few days ago. He shared a photo of himself backstage with Robert… and we spy little Gwen in the background! If we had to guess where it’s from, it looks like it was taken at the EMAs back in 2004, where Gwen performed “What You Waiting For?” and was introduced by Robert.

Thank you to Ska Girl for sending in the tip.

One Reply to “Instagram Finds: Vintage Photos of Gwen”

  1. That’s too funny! I follow Tony Hawk on Instagram and remember seeing this picture and didn’t even realize she was in the background. haha!

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