Instagram Finds: Gwen Spotted in Seoul

Thank you to Instagram’s franziska1994 and rl002 for sharing their photos of Gwen and Gavin who were spotted together in Seoul, South Korea today. She looks great!


Instagram’s stacyminkakimm posted a photo of herself with Gavin and Gwen this morning (Wednesday).

10 Replies to “Instagram Finds: Gwen Spotted in Seoul”

  1. No, Gavin is not on tour w his band. Actually, he had already warned on his Twitter that would travel a few days away with Gwen. I suppose they have gone on holiday. King and Zuma are in LA w the nanny and Gwen’s parents.

  2. It is unsafe to travel during the last few weeks because the baby can be born prematurely. The doctor wants his patient to be near the home in case this happens. The doctor knows thier patient’s pregnancy history and any complications other doctors wouldn’t know about. When you are about to deliver your baby all sense goes out the window! Haha

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