Ellen Shares a Sneak Peek of Gwen’s Upcoming Appearance (Updated)

Ellen has shared a quick new promo for her upcoming season premiere next week including Gwen! She stopped by the show with fellow Voice coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams to discuss the upcoming season which airs in less than three weeks.

She looks fabulous! Check out Gwen on Ellen next Monday, September 8, at 4:00 PM on NBC.

3 Replies to “Ellen Shares a Sneak Peek of Gwen’s Upcoming Appearance (Updated)”

  1. I think it’s brill Gwen’s going to be on, I’ve always loved Gwen on Ellen, seems like they’re good friends…
    Also I wonder what ever happened to the Rita Ora collab?!?!? I think that would have been good, Rita is performing on Ellen with Iggy, they are topping the charts at the minute so this Rita collab could’ve brought Gwen big chart success…… it would’ve been good for Gwen as well in the sense that Rita would not stop going on about how Gwen is her idol and how wonderful she is etc…

  2. Rita’s album has been delayed until January, because of her break-up with Calvin Harris (he basically produced the whole thing and won’t let her use his songs anymore). Rita has to record new songs now, so maybe this collaboration will still happen. But it it was also one of the Calvin Harris tracks, it’s not gonna happen.

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