Photos: #BandPractice for No Doubt (Updated)

Gwen shared a photo from tonight’s rehearsals for the band’s upcoming show in New York City at the Global Citizen Festival. Looks like she’s getting into the mood again!

Gwen also posted a sneak peek at what the band has been practicing and we’re seeing a few potential songs for the setlist: “Don’t Speak”, “New”, “Happy Now?”, “Settle Down” “Sunday Morning” and “Simple Kind of Life”. A few surprises it looks like!

We had asked fans what they predicted the set to be which you can check out here.

18 Replies to “Photos: #BandPractice for No Doubt (Updated)”

  1. Hmmm… What are the chances that it’s Pharrell’s “Happy”? I hope not, but it doesn’t say “Happy Now”. Plus HN might be an obscure choice for this show since it wasn’t a single… Just a thought.

    1. I thought of that too… “Happy Now?” does seem like an odd-ball choice for this set (though much appreciated!) and it would be a special surprise to see him join the band onstage. More than likely “Happy Now?” though. Nice!

    1. NBC mentioned that they will be airing portions of it, not sure when and how much yet. I think it is also streamed online — but I’ll do a little more research.

  2. Happy Now? Damn. I can not wait to see them play. Hopefully Gwen does not forget the lyrics since she has so much going on. <3

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