LiveNation’s Inside Look at Gwen’s ‘Truth’ Tour Rehearsals; Holiday Ticket Deals (Updated)

LiveNation shared an inside look at Gwen rehearsing for her upcoming This Is What the Truth Feels Like US tour which kicks off in less than 10 days with a free concert during MLB All-Star weekend in San Diego on July 9. She’s been focused on rehearsals over the last couple of months and we can gather from the photo to expect fan-favorite “Naughty” in the setlist with neon background visuals and dancers (Gwen had shared that she shot visuals with Sophie Muller all over the country for the upcoming tour).

Gwen has been giving fans a little taste of what to expect on the upcoming tour with clips from rehearsals sharing a snapshot at what she’s been rehearsing including “Naughty”, “Obsessed”, “Red Flag”, “Send Me a Picture”, “Where Would I Be?”, “Rare”, “Truth” and “Let Me Blow Ya Mind”. Eve has joined Gwen during rehearsals so we’re looking forward to the two being onstage together again.

We’ll be covering Gwen’s tour all summer long and can’t wait for the shows to kick off! Tickets to the shows are available now and if you haven’t purchased any yet, we recommend checking out LiveNation, Ticketmaster and deal-sites like Groupon for deals throughout the summer.

LiveNation is also presenting a special deal this holiday weekend (July 1-4); you can score 4 tickets (more than likely lawn or upper deck seats) for only $40.

We’ll be putting together a post asking what you would like to hear on tour and what your dream setlist would be in the next couple of days so stay tuned!

10 Replies to “LiveNation’s Inside Look at Gwen’s ‘Truth’ Tour Rehearsals; Holiday Ticket Deals (Updated)”

  1. Yes!!!! I can’t wait to hear naughty!! I love the picture “you did it!!” I’m so excited beyond words for next Saturday the all-star concert.

    Jenny I can send u footage/pix etc. if u want!! Is it gonna be live stream or on tv or anything?

  2. Get this concert promoted!! Summer flooded with concerts, offer more deals on tickets. Venues with tons of seats but too expensive. I love Gwen! I want to go to her concert! Make it possible by giving us normal folks a break!

  3. Ticketmaster gave this show away as part of the vouchers and today got an email for 4 for $40 tickets…lots of ways to see it with out breaking the bank.

  4. Even though I have been a Gwen/ ND fan for 20+years, I was totally too cheap to buy tickets for the crazy original prices. Now that I would actually buy discounted tickets I won’t be able to go because I am moving to Destin, Fl in two weeks and the nearest concert is 6hours away! Ughh wish the Cincinnati concert was before July 14th 🙁 !!

  5. Stunned by all the too expensive tix price talk. Most of these venues have outdoor seating which means there are grass seats for like 27.00 dollars. Yet all the talk from the very beginning was too expensive– which means most people probably accepted that as true and did not even bother to check. Then the slam piece by the NYC publication when tix had only been on sale for mere weeks.
    All the bad tix sale talk has doomed this from the beginning, and every site has taken it and run with it and now today a DM article shouting tix as low as 10.00 dollars Stefani concert!!
    Yet I have no idea how any other concert is selling. Many tours are happening and no way do I think they are all going to be full or selling well.
    Many so called fans have been some of the worst at perpetuating the bad tix sale talk. Drive 6 hours like me, it’s summer, gas prices are low, lose sleep, show up or have a good reason for not going. Tickets prices aren’t a good reason. Not to mention if you bought a ticket to concerts in like the last eight years Ticketmaster has some free tix waiting for you to be used at some concerts, Gwen’s is one. Then as you can see the 4 for 40. What does the public now want? 5 dollar ones??

  6. I think not only Gwen’s but all ticket prices are too high. Ticket pricrs being too high are a valid reason to skip any show. people have medical bills, college debt, mortgages and other things to spend their money on. sitting in a lawn to see a show from a big screen, is not something I was interested in doing for $27 plus fees. I would rather save the money towards an acticity I can do with my family. Now that I am married and have a small child that is my priority. I can’t / won’t drive 6 hours to Tampa and back being in a new city with no one to watch my child while my husband works. I really am not the fan I was 10 years ago who bought L.A.M.B and traveled hours to go to a show. Life and other priorities really change things. I still love Gwen and bought her album the day it came out and support her in my own way.

  7. I agree Marion. It’s not so much the ticket prices for me, it’s more about the limited locations of the shows. I’d either have to drive which costs gas/tolls or fly which involves a hotel expense. I would love to go to a show this tour and it breaks my heart not to, but I can’t justify spending that much money to travel to it (especially when I just spent $1500 in car repairs this week!). I’m so happy for those who get to attend though. I feel fortunate to have seen ND twice and Gwen once during her L.A.M.B tour.

  8. For those having trouble with cost of tickets, driving to venues several hours away, etc., Refinery29 and Travel+Leisure have teamed up to offer one lucky fan the chance to win 2 choice tix to Gwen’s almost-sold-out Oct 16 show at the Los Angeles Forum (Night 2) including $1000 travel credit to cover airfare and 2 nights’ stay at the Loews Hollywood, which is a rather nice swanky boutique hotel in the heart of Hollywood. Just the perfect Gwen getaway for you and your loved one ( just drop the kids off at Grandma’s prior or some such, besides there’s plenty of time to plan ahead for October 🙂 )! Enter before midnight (ET), July 5th (tomorrow) for a chance to win:

  9. Hm… the stage and the whole set-up look quite stripped down and basic… I really wonder why on earth tickets were so expensive initially? The stage actually looks like a small club tour lol.

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