“I’m Listening To My New Record In My Dressing Room”

Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Matheus Gusmão
Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani/Matheus Gusmão

Such a tease! Gwen gave fans more new music hype tonight while chatting with fans on Instagram while backstage at Riot Fest. She shared that she was “listening to” her “new record” in her dressing room and said that she “can’t wait for u to hear it”.

Gwen recently updated everyone that she’s in a really good place right now and is “writing like she’s never written” before. She shared that she has 10 songs that have been written over a short period of time and credits her time on The Voice last season for inspiration.

We’re excited for Gwen and to hear what she’s been working on this past summer!

30 Replies to ““I’m Listening To My New Record In My Dressing Room””

  1. Exciting. At least she’s calling it a “record”, so there is still some hope for a whole album and not just random singles/collaborations. Mixed signals again though: Last time she said she is still writing and that she had near to 10 songs and now only a few days after she apparently has a new record… We’ll see. 10 songs isn’t exactly a record by today’s standards so hopefully some of the songs she did with all those people will also make it. I wanna hear the Charli XCX songs.

  2. I’m so confused. YYY summed it up perfectly. I don’t really know what to think anymore. I’m just really hoping this isn’t going to be 2014 all over again. She teased us last year like crazy and didn’t release the album. Now she’s saying she’s listening to the album… If there’s no album being released till next year, then fans will have every right to be pissed off! I’m excited though. I’m trying to stay positive

  3. Omg such a tease! But I’m sure she only previewed a couple of songs… I just wish the record was complete and she released it before Xmas.

  4. Remember that Adam Levine said Gwen’s “album” sounds dope last year. He clearly used the word “album” and not “some new songs”, which also sounded like it was done, but still nothing was released… Maybe Gwen just uses the word “record” to refer to some of her new songs.

  5. I don’t know if she was referring to the 10 new songs or not…she made it sound like she just wrote them the othe day. But again who knows it’s very confusing. I agree I want to hear the songs with Charli xcx bad as well as “Carousel”

  6. I guess we’ll just have for The Voice to start. IF there are plans to release a new single or even to announce an album, this will be the only timing that makes sense in order to get the most attention. If there isn’t any announcement until the live shows have started, we can be sure that nothing will happen soon-ish.

  7. I’m definitely expecting this album to be pushed back again. It would be a nice treat to have it released until the end of the year but I’m not holding my breath.

  8. I could see her promoting the hell out of something in the next few months and then a release in the spring. And maybe doing shows over the summer/fall? And maybe returning to the The Voice again (season 11)? Then hopefully a new No Doubt album? That’s my ideal schedule for her. We’ll see.

  9. Last year she didn’t do much outside of The Voice/NBC, I really hope this will be different this time around in case she releases a new single during this season. I agree with Jenny about promoting the hell out of something. If she has a new single out, she really needs to do more promo and perform it at big award shows and stuff. The Voice should be one part of her promotion, but not the only one. And she really needs to do at least some promo outside of the USA… At least go to the UK, Germany and maybe one other big market in Europe. BDL and SD both were about to take off in Germany, but ultimately didn’t due to the total lack of promo.

  10. I totally agree! Actually the EMAs would be perfect to do at least some promo in Europe. That’s the good thing about Europe, there aren’t really long distances between the various countries. She could just stay for a week and visit like 5 different countries and do some interviews. Too bad she already missed the VMAs.

  11. I’ve heard her to refer to a single song as a “record” before, as in “I love this song it’s my favorite record on the album.” She probably just meant she’s listening to a new song. Chilllllllll.

  12. I have to agree with @No., Gwen always refers to a single song as a record. Even if she did mean an entire album, how long has she been saying this for? I honestly don’t take it serious anymore. I also don’t even get excited to think of the possibility of a new solo album, I still think its something she should leave in the past. LAMB & TSE are pop candy classics, both with great direction/concept both musically and visually. What I want more than ANY new music is for her to change that silly black-tips hair, its over kill already & doesn’t showcase Gwen the ICON

  13. & it would be cool if she preformed at a big award show but in all honesty do u really think they’d even have her perform?? Her name is no where near Rhianna, Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande these days….

  14. Gwen’s just been talking to fans again on her latest post talking about how the show was fun/amazing, how she loves us and how she’s just had a big family breakfast after church. :))

  15. That makes me happy to see her interacting a bit more on social media. IG is ideal for it since people on there tend to be nicer than on Twitter or FB lol

  16. bob, Fergie performed at last year’s AMAs. So why can’t Gwen too?! She isn’t a nobody. She even performed at this year’s Grammys. I swear, sometimes fans underestimate her status a little too much. She still has some relevance after all.
    And why’d she leave this album behind? Especially now that she has found her strength to write again. I’ve got a feeling she’s more into this project now than last year. She won’t rest until she gets this out of her system and that’s a good thing. Fans need to be here for her and show some support.
    P&S wasn’t the album many fans wanted, but now they consider it a bit of a classic. Sometimes things take time to sink in.

  17. I agree NDLOVER. Whilst Gwen clearly isn’t as relevant as she was 10 years ago, she is still a household name and a recognised, popular celebrity/icon! She may not be all that popular with the younger GP but many people still have a lotta love for her, plus now she’s on the Voice she is very relevant. I don’t see why she couldn’t perform at the AMAs etc.

    And yep very true Amanda G!

  18. Who cares about relevance… I was down with no doubt n gwen before they were “popular.” It’s about the music n how it inspires. I enjoy push and shove more than crap they play in radio these days.

  19. I always remember of Gwen saying “this is my favorite song of the record”, and not “this is my favorite record of the album”.

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