“Hollaback Girl” Re-Enters iTunes Singles Chart


Wow! Since Gwen’s stellar live performance of “Hollaback Girl” on The Voice from Monday night, the record-breaking digital song is back on the iTunes chart and climbing! Currently it’s sitting at #84, but we’ve been told that it’s peak was at #80 not too long ago. This is huge for a single that broke records almost 10 years ago to date. Way to go, Gwen!

It really shows the impact she still has in the music industry and we have a feeling season 7 of The Voice is going to be an incredible boost for herself and No Doubt.

If you would like to help push the song either further up the charts, click here to download “Hollaback Girl” from the US iTunes store for only $1.29!

For more on “Hollaback Girl”, check out our Song Saturday feature on it from a couple of weeks ago.

13 Replies to ““Hollaback Girl” Re-Enters iTunes Singles Chart”

  1. It also shows what a great platform The Voice is. Imagine Gwen performing a new single there…

  2. I’m lame and overly excited! I was looking at the music video charts. Thanks @ NDLOVER for letting me know. *blush* Sorry Lambs and No Doubters…

  3. I really hope she take full advantage of this platform for both her solo and band pursuits 🙂

  4. If anyone thinks this wasn’t a huge jump on a great platform for the band you’re crazy. The INSTANT I heard Pharrell signed up my brian went, k- I know he’s been working with No Doubt. They’ve all talked about it, Pharrell included. I just thought, damn, it’d be the PERFECT launching point if Gwen joined too. And a few weeks later the rumors started and I just knew. Keep in mind that they start taping The Voice in June but it doesn’t begin airing until the fall. That’s many more months of time to work on new music. All these new Voice viewers will instantaneously fall in love with Gwen and follow her every move (that’s what TV does nowadays), and when she performs with her band- radio friendly hits a la Rock Steady (and with all the people confirmed to be working with them we KNOW that’s what they’re going for)- live on the show. BOOM. It’s happening you guys. IT’S EFFING. HAPPENING!

  5. “hollaback girl” is current at #40 AND #45 on the music videos chart. i think the difference is one is clean and one is DIRRRRTY lol

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