Highlights: Valentine in the Morning

Gwen stopped by the 104.3 MYfm radio studios this morning and chatted with Valentine in the Morning about her new single “Baby Don’t Lie” and upcoming album.

She says that baby Apollo was unplanned and said that she believes she’s isn’t planning on having any more children. She feels extremely blessed with her three boys. Gwen confirms that No Doubt do have a few shows booked for next year but can’t say for sure if she will be touring on her own.

She says that her new album was unplanned and confirmed that she has worked with Charli XCX on a “couple of tracks”.


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  1. She looks so beautiful. I don’t care for the black in her hair when it’s in the updo, but it looks amazing when it’s down like in these photos. And I think she should stop trying to cover up the wrinkles with so much makeup! Look how great she looks here with less eye makeup!

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