Highlights: The Voice – Live Playoffs (Top 20) Episode 15

Tonight kicks off night 1 of the Live Playoffs featuring performances from both Team Adam and Team Blake. Team Gwen is set to hit the stage tomorrow (Tuesday, November 11) and it was previously reported that Gwen herself would be debuting “Baby Don’t Lie” live. Pharrell was mentioned during the program tonight that he would be performing on tomorrow’s show with no mention of Gwen.

Wishing the best to Team Gwen during the playoffs and we hope to see her team representing in the finale! Click here for ways to vote for Team Gwen and more about her artists.

Spoilers below!

Current Team Gwen standings: Top 20



Video highlights: Live Playoffs (Top 20) Episode 15

Highlights from tonight’s episode featuring all the action from Team Gwen. Additional footage can be viewed on NBC.com.


Photos and live Tweets: Live Playoffs (Top 20) Episode 15

Photos from behind-the-scenes and on-set courtesy of NBC. Tweets are also presented during the live broadcast from Team Gwen and the coach herself.

The Voice - Season 7

The Voice - Season 7

When it's cold as ice during #VoicePlayoffs rehearsals, #TeamGwen gets their snuggle on. #TheVoice

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The #GSQUAD is ready for this week's LIVE #VoicePlayoffs, ARE YOU?!!! #repost via @ryansill

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Here we go guys! #TeamGSquad #liveplayoffs tonight and tomorrow! Tune in.❤️✌️

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Team Gwen

Below is a tally of current and past contestants on Team Gwen! Names and songs with links to iTunes performances are available.

[table]Contestants, Performed, Joined, Eliminated
Bryana Salaz, “Problem” (iTunes) , Top 48 (9/22), N/A
Taylor John Williams, Heartless (iTunes), Top 48 (9/22), N/A
Menlik Zergabachew, Santeria (iTunes), Top 48 (9/23), Battles (10/14)
Sugar Joans, Chain of Fools (iTunes), Top 48 (9/23), Knockouts (10/27)
Jessie Pitts, The Story (iTunes), Top 48 (9/29), Battles (10/20)
Troy Ritchie, Out Of My League (iTunes), Top 48 (9/29), Knockouts (10/28)
Anita Antoinette, Turn Your Lights Down Low (iTunes), Top 48 (9/29), N/A
Jean Kelley, Already Gone (iTunes), Top 48 (9/30), Battles (10/13)
Amanda Lee Peters, Put The Gun Down (iTunes), Top 48 (9/30), Battles (10/13)
Gianna Salvato, Glitter In the Air (iTunes), Top 48 (9/30), Battles (10/21)
Ryan Sill, Secrets (iTunes), Top 48 (10/6), N/A
Mayra Alvarez, Human Nature (iTunes), Top 48 (10/6), Battles (10/21)
Craig Wayne Boyd, Wave on Wave, Battle Rounds (10/13), Knockouts (11/3)
Beth Spangler, I Turn To You, Battle Rounds (10/21), Knockouts (11/3)
Ricky Manning, Wrecking Ball, Knockouts (10/28), N/A

[table]Battle Rounds, Performances, Winner,
Amanda Lee Peers vs Taylor John Williams, Jolene by Dolly Parton, Taylor John Williams
Jean Kelley vs Sugar Joans, “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child, Sugar Joans
Menlik Zergabachew vs Troy Ritchie, “Maneater” by Hall and Oates, Troy Ritchie
Jessie Pitts vs Ryan Sill, “I Need Your Love” by Calvin Harris, Ryan Sill
Mayra Alvarez vs Anita Antoinette, “I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash, Anita Antoinette,
Bryana Salaz vs Gianna Salvato, “Boom Clap” by Charli XCX, Bryana Salaz[/table]

[table]Knockout Rounds, Performances, Winner,
Bryana Salaz vs Sugar Joans, “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato / Love on Top by Beyonce, Bryana Salaz
Troy Ritchie vs Taylor John Williams, Hey Ya by Outkast / Mad World by Tears for Fears, Taylor John Williams
Ryan Sill vs Beth Spangler, Miss Independent by Ne-Yo / Too Little Too Late by JoJo, Ryan Sill
Anita Antoinette vs Craig Wayne Boyd, Rude by Magic! / Can’t You See by Marshall Tucker Band, Anita Antoinette

[table]Live Playoffs (Top 20) (11/10-11), Performances, Safe/Elminated,


22 Replies to “Highlights: The Voice – Live Playoffs (Top 20) Episode 15”

  1. So now gwen might not perform? She needs to fire her management … This whole “comeback” has been very lacking of.any promotion … she hasn’t performed baby don’t lie once since it came out … it’s gonna be bad if she doesn’t perform that song or something else new soon. Hopefully she does perform.

  2. If gwen is no longer performing on the show tomorrow I will be very disappointed. I hope carson made a mistake or both of them will perform.

  3. If she doesn’t perform tomorrow I will be so upset because I have tickets to the show so obviously I was really, really looking forward to it. </3

  4. well it was never confirmed by them that Gwen was performing, anyway more head shake. I was excited and now this, maybe next week? maybe they will perform spark the fire since Gwen didn’t care promoting BDL. This comeback is so dissapointing. I don’t know what are planning but she not doing any tv shows, interviews for magazines, etc. Its like they want this comeback is set to be super low key and pretend it never happend.

  5. Maybe she’s not ready to do this one live… sometimes when you play something in rehearsal live for the first time, the live sound is not right and you need to alter some things to make it sound good. She might be tailoring the song BDL for a solid performance. OR she is going to do Spark the Fire, and if waiting for a little closer to the TG release to perform… or is learning the rap parts still…

  6. She’ll probably perform next week guys. There has been no rhyme or reason to any of the moves (or non moves) she has made this era thus far. I really hope STF has something to do with the sudden change of plans. If she winds up performing BDL next week she’d be pushing her luck, but at the same time it’ll still be just fine. The general public are not watching as closely as we are.
    This comeback is real slow but I think it hasn’t really started just yet. I hope that’s the case. If not, we’re screwed. What a mess.

  7. The way Pharrel and Gwen leaked the song (and her team wanting to cut the song on the radio interview), makes me think if this is not a move to force Interscope to release the song as a single. Maybe BDL was not the song she wanted to release, maybe it was STF and now they doing pressure on the label to release it… Just a wild theory.

  8. I think we are screwed. The Voice ends next month and I don’t think she has made the impact she was supposed to do. Her social media hasn’t made a huge change either. At this point with no confirmation of a release date of the “album” or any live appearances on tv or print interviews it’s a big waste of opportunity. BDL was released too soon, with almost no promo and then went to a black hole. At this point I wonder if something happend on her personal life and this “comeback” is not a priority anymore. I don’t think Interscope or her managment don’t want the album to be successfull $$$$$ if anyone is hiding and making change of plans is Gwen. Now we are back to the daily Acupuncture Studio pics, *sigh*
    Sadly Gwen is getting more and more to be known as a wash up celebrity than a musician.

    She should be selling and promoting like crazy not only her new music, but her brands too Where are the fashion magazines photoshoots? The year is about to end and she’s not booked to perform anywhere. No festivals, no radio shows, nothing. She has promoted her husband album more than her own music and that says a lot.

    1. To be fair the live shows of The Voice have only started yesterday and they are the only real oppurtunity for the coaches to promote their own music. Everything before the live shows is simply promoting their names and I think Gwen has done this pretty well so far. People love her on The Voice, so I guess so far we can say “mission accomplished”. She’s back on the map, she has a new single that is doing really well on radio and she has more new music up her sleeve (Spark the fire). She also created some minor buzz with her latest collaborations and reached new audiences. It’s way too soon to write off her comeback, because so far things have only just started. We can’t expect her to be as big as in 2005 right out of the gate. This comeback will be a slow burner. Of course some promo for BDL would be nice, but I guess that’s not the song they are putting all their money on anyways. It seems to be some sort of “warm up” single.

    1. Yes it is, believe it or not. I know you’ve been trying to to kill everyone’s excitement right from the start with your negativity and awkward fake accounts and honestly I never understood if there are any more reasons besides that for you to even come her. But yeah, BDL actually is doing really well on US radio. #22 on pop stations and #24 on hot ac after only 20 days of airplay.

  9. This actually might be a promising sign…..In the town I’m in, I just noticed within the past week that Gwen’s song Baby Don’t Lie just started to get airplay. I think since we are all nXd fans we are expecting INSTANT success for her comeback, but maybe that’s not realistic. ??? It’s really nice to hear her song finally on the radio. I really am loving BDL more and more.:)

  10. The taping doesn’t even start until 5pm here in Los Angeles … so whoever said she IS performing has no idea because the taping isn’t even happening yet for the episode tonight. I really doubt she’s performing or else Carson would’ve said at the end …He only mentioned pharrell performing, nothing was mentioned about Gwen.

    1. Yeah I don’t think she will perform tonight. The Voice would’ve posted about it on Facebook by now, they already posted about Pharrell’s performance.

  11. ^^^the voice isn’t on tomorrow … she isn’t performing … like originally thought this week …maybe next week? Who knows so disappointed …

  12. The Voice is airing the live results show Wednesday night. I have tickets for the taping and the start time got moved up a couple hours. In addition to the results show there are some special performances being taped for about an hour after (fingers crossed Gwen is one of them).

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