Highlights: ‘The Voice’ Live Finale Part 2 Episode 28

Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC

And that’s a wrap! Tonight’s episode was the season 12 Live Finale of The Voice where the winning artist was chosen by America’s votes. We were also surprised with a duet from Gwen and her artist Hunter Plake of “Don’t Speak”. The piano accompaniment was beautiful and unique and the pair’s vocals on the song were spectacular.

The finale also featured a cute little segment on Gwen being the hardest working coach on the show with her in funny scenarios with her red chair in tow. The three-hour episode was packed with performances from many big-time artists including Rascal Flats joining up with Team Gwen favorite Brennley Brown. As she’s done in seasons past, Gwen saved one of her best looks for last with her hair in a gorgeous up-do, red lips and sparkly dress. She also graced the stage in a gorgeous red gown for her performance of “Don’t Speak”.

It was unfortunate that Team Gwen wasn’t able to make it past the semi-finals for season 12 but it was still a thrill to see her compete every week and doing something she’s truly passionate about.

And the winner is…

Congratulations to Alicia Keys and her artist Chris Blue!

We want to thank all of the fans for sticking with us again this season for our Voice highlights and you can look forward to a few more wrap-up posts in the coming weeks.

As we’ve done with previous seasons, we’ll post highlights from each episode, including live Tweets, photos and videos, in-between the east and west coast airings. If you’re wanting to avoid spoilers, we recommend heading back to the site after the west coast airing to discuss the episode with us.

For the latest videos, photos and updates on Team Gwen, check out our coverage page for The Voice season 12.

Video Highlights: Live Finale Part 2 Episode 28

Highlights from tonight’s episode featuring all the action from Team Gwen. Additional performances can be checked out at YouTube.com/NBCTheVoice and NBC.com/The-Voice.

Outtakes: Are You Gonna Miss Me? (Digital Exclusive)

The Season 12 Voice Champion Is…


Photos: Live Finale Part 2 Episode 28

Photos from behind-the-scenes and on-set of The Voice courtesy of NBC.

Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC

Photo courtesy of Tyler Golden/NBC
Photo courtesy of Tyler Golden/NBC
Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC

Live Tweets: Live Finale Part 2 Episode 28

Live Tweets from Gwen and updates from The Voice during the episode. Most recent Tweets are at the bottom.

@blakeshelton #winnerofcute gx

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@blakeshelton gx 💥💥💥💥

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Team Gwen Tally: Live Finale Part 2 Performances Episode 28

Below is a tally of current and past contestants on Team Gwen for season 12. Information is presented on when the artists were chosen, what they performed, and dates that they were picked and eliminated from the show.

Unfortunately Team Gwen has been eliminated during the semi-finals.


[table]Artist, Performed, Eliminated

Brennley Brown, ‘Suds in the Bucket’ / ‘Good Hearted Woman’, 5/16 (Semi-Finals)
Hunter Plake, ‘With or Without You’ / ‘Let It Go’, 5/16 (Semi-Finals) [/table]

Top 10

[table]Artist, Performed, Eliminated

Brennley Brown, ‘Higher Love’, N/A
Hunter Plake, ‘Anyway’, N/A [/table]

Top 11

[table]Artist, Performed, Eliminated

Brennley Brown, ‘River’, N/A
Hunter Plake, ‘All I Want’, N/A [/table]

Top 12

[table]Artist, Performed, Eliminated

Troy Ramey, ‘Free Fallin” , 4/25 (Top 12)
Brennley Brown, ‘Long Long Time’ , N/A
Hunter Plake, ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, N/A [/table]

Blind Auditions – Current

[table]Artist, Performed, Joined, Eliminated
JChosen, ‘Sexual Healing’, 2/27 (Blinds), 4/18 (Live Playoffs)
Stephanie Rice, ‘Piece by Piece’, 2/27 (Blinds), 4/10 (Team Alicia)
Savannah Leighton, ‘Unconditionally’, 2/28 (Blinds), 3/21 (Battles)
Brandon Royal, ‘Master Blaster (Jammin’)’, 3/2 (Blinds), 4/10 (Knockouts)
Troy Ramey, ‘Wild World’, 3/6 (Blinds), 4/25 (Top 12)
Aaliyah Rose, ‘Rise Up’, 3/6 (Blinds), 4/4 (Team Blake)
Johnny Gates, ‘Maggy May’, 3/7 (Blinds), 4/18 (Live Playoffs) (Knockouts)
Caroline Sky, ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’, 3/7 (Blinds), 3/27 (Team Blake)
Kenny P, ‘Hello It’s Me’, 3/13 (Blinds), 3/20 (Battles)
Davina Leone, ‘Cheap Thrills’, 3/13 (Blinds), 3/28 (Team Adam)
Sammie Zonana, ‘Dangerous Woman’, 3/13 (Blinds), 3/21 (Battles)
Jozy Bernadette, ‘American Woman’, 3/14 (Blinds), 3/27 (Battles)
Brennley Brown, ‘Better Man’, 3/20 (Stolen – Battles), N/A
Hunter Plake, ‘Dancing on My Own’, 3/27 (Stolen – Battles), N/A
Quizz Swanigan‘Chains’, 4/3 (Stolen – Knockouts), 4/18 (Live Playoffs)

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  1. I would like a Gwen and Miley season. I like this new version of Miley and her new song Malibu.
    The staging was so good with Gwen and Hunter and the red baby grand with the white.
    Sad that it looks like Gwen won’t be there for the next two seasons.

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