Highlights: ‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions Episode 4

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Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC

Tonight the Blind Auditions continue with episode 4 of The Voice! So far, we’ve seen Gwen welcome four artists to her team including a standout male artist last week in Brandon Royal, who impressed Gwen with his performance of Stevie Wonder’s reggae hit “Master Blaster (Jammin’)”.

We were also treated to an awesome Behind The Song segment with Gwen and “Just a Girl”.

As we’ve done with previous seasons, we’ll post highlights from each episode, including live Tweets, photos and videos, in-between the east and west coast airings. If you’re wanting to avoid spoilers, we recommend heading back to the site after the west coast airing to discuss the episode with us.

For the latest videos, photos and updates on Team Gwen, check out our coverage page for The Voice season 12.


Video Highlights: Blind Auditions Episode 4

Highlights from tonight’s episode featuring all the action from Team Gwen. Additional performances can be checked out at YouTube.com/NBCTheVoice and NBC.com/The-Voice.

Story Behind the Song: “Just a Girl” (Digital Exclusive)

Team Gwen Artist – Troy Ramey: “Wild World”

Team Gwen Artist – Aaliyah Rose: “Rise Up”

Photos: Blind Auditions Episode 4

Photos from behind-the-scenes and on-set of The Voice courtesy of NBC.

Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC
Photo courtesy of NBC
Photo courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC
Photo courtesy of NBC

Live Tweets: Blind Auditions Episode 4

Live Tweets from Gwen and updates from The Voice during the episode. Most recent Tweets are at the bottom.


Team Gwen Tally: Blind Auditions Episode 4

Below is a tally of current and past contestants on Team Gwen for season 12. Information is presented on when the artists were chosen, what they performed, and dates that they were picked and eliminated from the show.

[table]Artist, Performed, Joined, Eliminated
JChosen, ‘Sexual Healing’, 2/27 (Blinds), N/A
Stephanie Rice, ‘Piece by Piece’, 2/27 (Blinds), N/A
Savannah Leighton, ‘Unconditionally’, 2/28 (Blinds), N/A
Brandon Royal, ‘Master Blaster (Jammin’)’, 3/2 (Blinds), N/A
Troy Ramey, ‘Wild World’, 3/6 (Blinds), N/A
Aaliyah Rose, Rise Up, 3/6 (Blinds), N/A

One Reply to “Highlights: ‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions Episode 4”

  1. Gwen always does really well with her picks — but she usually has a lot of rag-tag underdogs on her team. I think it’s a weird dynamic this season, if it’s ever Gwen vs Blake, Adam and Alicia tell the contestant to choose Gwen. If it’s ever Adam vs Gwen, Blake tells them to choose Gwen. Everyone is trying to help her.

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