Highlights: The Voice – Battle Rounds Episode 7


Tonight is our first episode of the Battle Rounds, which features team contestants going up against one another for a one-on-one battle. And of course we finally get to see more of Gwen and husband Gavin Rossdale working and advising together for Team Gwen — he also spills the beans that Gwen is a big southern rock fan!

After each performance, Gwen will have to choose which contestant to keep on her team while sending the other “losing” artist home. But there is a catch…

The “loser” of the battle can potentially either be sent home or “stolen” to go to another team. For example, if Gwen had to choose between two and found one better than the other, Adam could potentially take one of her original picks for his own team. During this time, its custom for the coaches to also give advice and tips to move on to the next stage of competition.

So even though Team Gwen was completed last week, over the next few episodes Gwen might “steal” a contestant from another team for her own (and vise versa).

The Voice airs every Monday and Tuesday night at 8:00 PM ET/PT, 7:00 PM CT on NBC. Catch up on past episodes and auditions here.

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Spoilers below!

Video highlights: Battle Rounds Episode 7

Highlights from tonight’s episode featuring all the action from Team Gwen. Additional auditions can be viewed on NBC.com.

Amanda Lee Peers vs Taylor John Williams: “Jolene” by Dolly Parton
Winner: Taylor John Williams; Amanda Lee Peers eliminated

Jean Kelley vs Sugar Joans: “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child
Winner: Sugar Joans; Jean Kelley stolen by Team Pharrell

Craig Wayne Boyd vs James David Carter: “Wave on Wave” by Pat Green
Craig Wayne Boyd stolen by Team Gwen


Photos and live Tweets: Battle Rounds Episode 7

Photos from behind-the-scenes and on-set courtesy of NBC. Tweets are also presented during the live broadcast from Team Gwen and the coach herself.

The Voice - Season 7

The Voice - Season 7

The Voice - Season 7



The Voice - Season 7


@GwenStefani is wearing custom #LAMBfashion on tonight's episode of #TheVoice! Get the look on shopLAMB.com, link in profile.

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@mr.taylorjohn and @Amandaleepeers take an awkward family photo before their battle. #BattlesBegin #TheVoice #AwkwardFamilyPhoto

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Team Gwen

Below is a tally of current and past contestants on Team Gwen! Names and songs with links to iTunes performances are available.

[table]Contestant, Performed, Joined, Eliminated
Bryana Salaz, “Problem” (iTunes) , Top 48 (9/22), N/A
Taylor John Williams, Heartless (iTunes), Top 48 (9/22), N/A
Menlik Zergabachew, Santeria (iTunes), Top 48 (9/23), N/A
Sugar Joans, Chain of Fools (iTunes), Top 48 (9/23), N/A
Jessie Pitts, The Story (iTunes), Top 48 (9/29), N/A
Troy Ritchie, Out Of My League (iTunes), Top 48 (9/29), N/A
Anita Antoinette, Turn Your Lights Down Low (iTunes), Top 48 (9/29), N/A
Jean Kelley, Already Gone (iTunes), Top 48 (9/30), Battles (10/13)
Amanda Lee Peters, Put The Gun Down (iTunes), Top 48 (9/30), Battles (10/13)
Gianna Salvato, Glitter In the Air (iTunes), Top 48 (9/30), N/A
Ryan Sill, Secrets (iTunes), Top 48 (10/6), N/A
Mayra Alvarez, Human Nature (iTunes), Top 48 (10/6), N/A
Craig Wayne Boyd, Wave on Wave, Battle Rounds (10/13), N/A

[table]Battle Rounds, Performed, Results,
Amanda Lee Peers vs Taylor John Williams, Jolene by Dolly Parton, Taylor John Williams
Jean Kelley vs Sugar Joans, “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child, Sugar Joans
Menlik Zergabachew vs Troy Ritchie, “Maneater” by Hall and Oates, N/A


8 Replies to “Highlights: The Voice – Battle Rounds Episode 7”

  1. Can’t wait! I don’t have a TV so I’ve been watching this the day after it airs.
    It blows my mind that links (yes, illegal ones) don’t show up for hours after it airs. I swear every other show that airs on Monday is up before this!!. I hope someone else shares my sorrow.

  2. NOOOOO Amanda. 🙁 She was my favorite on Team Gwen after Anita Antoinette. I loved that she didn’t have the most powerful voice on the show, but a really interesting tone to it – like Gwen! Ughhhhh.

  3. Bradley, I agree. Amanda was unique. Bad that she wasn’t stolen. Love yesterday’s episode. The performances were killer!

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