Highlights: JoJo Wright on 102.7 KISS FM

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Gwen visited JoJo Wright last night on KISS 102.7 FM to promote new single “Baby Don’t Lie” and talked about her upcoming album and working on The Voice.

She says that it’s beyond her wildest dreams putting out music at this time and says that she was aware that her single leaked a day early. With her new Voice gig, Gwen realized that she needed to put out new music fast and admits that typically it takes her close to three years to finish an album. She questioned how she could put something together fast. “It’s just been incredible cause I kinda got a group of amazingly talented writers and everything happened so quickly.” “I wanted to do it really badly but I didn’t think it would happen.” Gwen reveals that she has worked with Charlie XCX. “All these people really came to together and made it happen for me.”

As far as new album goes, Gwen calls it a “work in progress”. “I’m still getting mixing and up for writing, you wanna write a song with me, I’m up for it. It’s not over till it’s over.” Gwen admits that she never thought she would be putting out another dance record. “Doing No Doubt takes a lot longer, there is no way we would have got it done. The last record took two-and-a-half years, it was crazy.” She says that she thinks it took so long because of her schedule. “It takes long. We’re very precious. This [solo record] is different — you have all these different people and their energy. It’s not just the same group of people in one room.” Gwen says that she wanted to do this record now and not think about it. She reveals that she finds music exciting now in the sense of she feels more free in writing. Gwen admits that this chapter in her life is all about being open and letting things come her way.

“Baby Don’t Lie” is one of the her first tracks she worked on. After speaking with writer/producer Benny Blanco over the phone, she knew she wanted to work together. Gwen says that she wanted Ryan Tedder to work with No Doubt — he went to Gwen’s home and met with herself and Tony.

Gwen brought up potential second single “Spark The Fire” saying how they wrote and recorded the song all over. She says while working in Miami, Pharrell presented Gwen with an old track that they had worked on together, “Carousel”. Gwen said that they reworked the track and it might be on her upcoming album, along with a new track titled “Heart Shape”. At this time she’s still unsure which tracks will make the cut. “I’m kind of collecting and will decide that soon.”


GREAT hang w the AMAZING @gwenstefani! LOVE HER!!! #BabyDontLie avail NOW! (I'm on the right)

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We have a pic of @gwenstefani on our wall @1027kiisfm, so we HAD to take a pic w/ it! HA! (I'm on the right)

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6 Replies to “Highlights: JoJo Wright on 102.7 KISS FM”

  1. Amazing interview! It’s so fun to watch Gwen speaking about her projects. She’s so passionate. I’m so happy she’s bringing it.

  2. Since I remember she always says exactly the same, every single era. Spice it up Gwen! We expect more from you because we know you got it!

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