Highlights: OnAir with Ryan Seacrest (Updated)


Gwen was in-studio this morning with KISS 102.7 and OnAir with Ryan Seacrest for an interview and world premiere of “Baby Don’t Lie.”

She says that it’s pretty surreal being back on the radio and shared that she wasn’t able to sleep the night before because she was so anxious. “Baby Don’t Lie” lyrically comes from the past and everything is really good right now between her and Gavin. She says that everything has been pretty spontaneous and that she had always wanted to work with Ryan Tedder. “Baby Don’t Lie” was the first song she had worked on.

Pharrell and Gwen have worked on a song called “Spark the Fire” that came out of a “magic” moment. He had presented her with the song that almost brought tears to her eyes.

She also confirmed that No Doubt just recorded a new song titled “Shine” also with Pharrell!


Gwen says its weird that she was promoting the new No Doubt album and became pregnant. She says that she was super sick during her last pregnancy. She spoke about how crazy and quick it was joining The Voice. “All of a sudden Pharrell is back in my life”. Gwen talked about going back and watching past episodes of The Voice to prepare herself for the show. “I’m not a TV person!”

Gwen says that she still gets butterflies around Pharrell and said that she was really anxious to work with him on the show. Adam reached out to Gwen before filming began and offered advice and help.

She gave out sweet shout outs to her family over the radio.

Gwen spoke briefly about the Harajuku Lovers animated cartoon series coming soon!

“I honestly couldn’t even sleep last night. I feel so anxious” about “Baby Don’t Lie”. She says that she was not planning on releasing anything but calls it in an incredible journey. “It felt good to not over think and just be like you know, I’m just going to go for it.” Gwen says that she’s always wanted to work with Ryan Tedder and says its the first song she finished. Gwen says that she pulled from the past for lyrical inspiration for “Baby Don’t Lie” and confirmed that everything is OK with her and Gavin.

On her new album, she says, “I feel like this whole thing is not about singles, it’s a project.” Pharrell approached Gwen with a beat on-set of The Voice. Gwen called the moment “magic” and said that they recorded all night long after working on The Voice but did not finish. Gwen talked about how they paired up again in New York after her L.A.M.B. presentation but were still not able to wrap up the song. Gwen then flew to Miami to meet up with Pharrell (after his European tour) and said they were able to complete the track. She revealed an upcoming song title: “Spark the Fire.”

Gwen says that the album is coming together so fast and she’s really excited about it. She thanked everyone for keeping her on the radio and calls is “surreal” to be back.

Gwen says she’s a huge fan of her collaboration Calvin Harris track, “Together.”

When asked whom she would like to sit down and have dinner with, dead or alive, she says her husband, Gavin. A funny segment happened when they try to call her home phone to get in touch with Gavin with her assistant Lizzie.

No Doubt are working on new music! Gwen shared that they just finished a song titled “Shine”.

Photo and video courtesy of OnAir with Ryan Seacrest.

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  1. So exciting! I’m glad she finally revealed more stuff. It seems there was magic with Pharrell again in the studio. Excited for both songs, solo and with the band too.

  2. Aww there’s lots of cute info here 🙂 this made me happy, me & my friends are loving Baby Don’t Lie and can’t wait for the official vid and to hear more tracks!!!

  3. She looks great and I’m glad she’s so excited. It’s such a change from P/S. I’m even more excited that a ND song was recorded too! I had a feeling those photos Adrian and Tom posted on Instagram were them in the studio 😀

  4. Am I the only one who is freaked out by all this god talk lately? I have put up with her selling out in every possible fashion, but mentioning prayer in every interview may be where I cross the line.

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