11 thoughts on “Highlights from ‘Gwen Stefani’s You Make It Feel Like Christmas’ NBC Special

    1. I think I saw on someone’s twitter than you can see the entire show on .you tube.
      You will be mesmerized. It is so fab and the network spared no expense. She looks and sounds great!

      1. Oh my God!!! I saw it, what an incredible show!!!!!! I’m addicted to it!!!!
        Gwen was meant to make a Christmas special in her carreer and you totally get it when you watch the show!!!

  1. Oh Jenny has that up there I answered before I read.
    I was surprised at what a good actress Gwen is– that skit with Chelsea. Gwen should have pursued that too.

  2. Oh my! I loved the Christmas special! Im super happy that Gwen is getting alot of promo for the album. Im surprised “Christmas Eve” is Gwen’s original song, it sounds like a classic.

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