Highlights: Amp 97.1 with Carson Daly; Gwen Teases New Song “Spark The Fire” (Updated)

What a morning already! After joining Ryan Seacrest, Gwen made her way to the Amp 97.1 studios for an interview with Carson Daly to promote her new single “Baby Don’t Lie”.

Most exciting (and unexpected!) thing — Gwen debuted a clip of her new song “Spark The Fire” with Pharrell and it’s freaking incredible! She shared that the version (played from her iPhone) is still a work in progress and was nervous that Pharrell might be upset with her for playing it on-air. Everyone in the studio went crazy over the track (including Gwen!) and she hinted to at it being a single. Carson suggested that the two perform it live on The Voice to promote then release it on iTunes shortly after. If it happens, Carson said it could possibly be around Thanksgiving.

Gwen shared again that she’s currently working on her new album and has filmed two music videos (the second presumably for “Spark The Fire”) with Sophie Muller in the last 10 days.

She also spilled the beans on two more tracks that she’s worked with Pharrell on: “Whoa” and “Heart Shaped”.


Gwen admits that she had been performing “Hollaback Girl” for to long and wanted to put something new out.

She discussed working with Adam and said that when she walked into the studio with Maroon 5 for “My Heart Is Open”, she instantly clicked with him. Gwen says that she really admires Adam and loves working with him.

Gwen talked about meeting Gavin for the first time after Carson brought up No Doubt’s tour after Tragic Kingdom was released. Gwen said that she was instantly in love with Gavin after meeting him at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas in 1995 and said that Gavin had kissed her three weeks into the tour. Gwen says that the longer they are together, the more awkward it would be for them to collaborate. She says that working with Gavin on The Voice was really cool.

Gwen shared that growing up she was always a girly-girl but started feeling more like a tomboy after touring with No Doubt.

Gwen says she didn’t have plans to do anything, espcially put out a record. She said that she was done performing “Hollaback Girl” and wanted something new. “Baby Don’t Lie” was one of the first songs she made and said she really wanted to work with Ryan Tedder after meeting him two years ago. She likes now being more open with music and how everything is spontaneous and fun. Gwen says she was really lucky to work with Ryan and says that he was “driving the car” while making the single.

She revealed more songs including “Whoa” and “Heart Shape” that Pharrell has been working on with Gwen. She’s really excited about everyone she’s worked with, including Benny Blanco. She teased more of “Spark The Fire” saying it’s on her phone!

The album is not finished and she revealed that she’s still working on it.

Gwen played a little of the un-mastered version of “Spark The Fire” — Gwen and Pharrell are back! The hip-hop inspired track features Gwen rapping and it’s pretty freaking incredible! Carson is encouraging Gwen to perform the single on The Voice with Pharrell and release it on iTunes the night of on The Voice!

Gwen says she shot two music videos (both with Sophie Muller) in 10 days.

Photos and video courtesy of Amp.

51 Replies to “Highlights: Amp 97.1 with Carson Daly; Gwen Teases New Song “Spark The Fire” (Updated)”

  1. Did she mention a song called Hear Shape? Was was it just me?
    It’s so exciting to hear Gwen on the radio! She’s the best! 🙂

  2. Kind of c crazy she’s promoting the single when the album is not done. I bet BDL will end. Being one of the weakest song of the album.

  3. She also mentioned the collaboration with Miguel, it was hard to catch because she kind of cut herself off but it was when she was talking about working with new people. Yay!!

  4. I can’t believe she just played a clip of Spark The Fire off her iPhone! I’m surprised she did this. The song is so beautiful!

  5. I can’t wait to hear the snippet! That’s awesome she played it off her phone. I wonder if the second Sophie video was for “Spark the Fire?” Or possibly for “Together”? Omg. . .

  6. Spark The Fire sounds so good. It’s very Pharrel! To me sounded a bit like Breakin’ Up but more of a tune with sweet lyrics.

  7. OMG haha Yummy part 2?! I got really nervous when it started (and of course at the “omg” part lol…) but I’m thinking this song will be funny and silly as shit, just like “Yummy” was back in the day. Also, why was “Yummy” never a single?! When I played it for random people when TSE came out everyone always loved it.

  8. Does anyone else feel guilty that they seemed to play a lot more of “Spark the Fire” than Gwen wanted? That part at the end where they’re saying to cut it off lol. I feel bad! I hope Pharrell isn’t mad at her and that it doesn’t harm the chances of it being a single at all.

  9. Spark The Fire is super annoying to me!! I really hope this doea not become a single. I can’t see too many people digging this track based on the snippet. Cool that we got to hear more music though

  10. Hmmm… I’ll be interested to hear the whole thing. It’s very Yummy meets Start the Fire. I like it, but I’m glad BDL is the first single.


  12. I really like how it starts off, but after the chorus the rest of the clip sounds like too much of the same thing. Can’t judge without hearing the whole thing, but that’s just my initial impression.

  13. I agree completely scott. The beginning is promising but it turns into an overload of the same verses being shouted out it becomes annoying. Also whats with gwen saying “here we go” on both songs lol just something I noticed.

  14. Spark the Fire video: “get off my cloud” She should make a crazy video like that lookd likr that Target commercial. Gwen can be like floating around on a cloud

  15. I”m really surprised by all the hate on these songs…….Anyway, I loved them and I will be buying the whole album when it does come out. 😀

  16. Its growing on me. I think it turned me off at first because it reminded me of “Breakin Up” which is my least favourite Gwen solo song

  17. And of course after I post that it works LOL Anyway, we should all keep in mind that the song is not completed. Seems like it’ll be a fun track.

  18. I was glad it wasn’t another Pharrell disco-lite song. That’s seemingly all he’s been making lately. I LOVE Pharrel but he’s so hit-or-miss with how he makes singles for people. He makes total hits but he also has a lot of filler tracks he makes for people.

    This is totally Yummy 2.0. It even features an opening where she’s talking about how she did some of this stuff first and others “got it wrong,” like when said that they need to go Xerox her.

    Also this reminds me when those demo clips from TSE album leaked, like the original breaking up mix with pianos.

    1. I really liked that first mix of “Breaking Up” 🙁 Never got into the version that made it on the album, though… Hopefully they won’t mess around too much with “Spark the fire”. It sounds pretty much finished to me.

  19. Dear lord that new track is horrible. I mean jesus she couldn’t come up with a new idea so she stole one she already used on Rock Steady? At least Start The Fire was a great song. What is this about “get off my cloud” another line stolen and now from the rolling stones. At least the stones “Get Off Of My Cloud” was a good track. I’m tired of Gwens ego and her acting like she is sooooooooo cool. She is a middle aged soccer mom and wife, she should act like it. Get over yourself Gwen. Your a fraction of what you were with No Doubt. Her new era is just sad and depressing.

    1. Why bother posting then? Mind your own business and get a life. At least Gwen got one and she’s great at it.

  20. Does anyone have the demo of Breakin Up? I don’t think I’ve heard it before. I guess I’m the only one who likes the album version!

  21. I don’t mind BDL being the first single, she has the Calvin Harris song out in 10 days and in a month the Pharrel track, all perfect timed out. I’m so pumped about the album. Keep Calm and trust Irving azoff.

  22. AHH! Spark the Fire is amazzzzing!!! Just what I was hoping for!
    I still think BDL as the 1st single was the right decision. spark the fire will be awesome to keep the buzz up later in the album cycle, like hollaback which i think was the 3rd? This song could def be a huge hit!

    So curious to know what Pharrell and the label think of her playing the song haha.. And for that long. Obviously the clip is everywhere now

  23. I’m excited to hear spark the fire because BDL wasn’t my favorite. Driving to work this morning I still just put on Looking Hot and Push & Shove – 2 would have been great singles if supported. I still don’t get if.

  24. AMANDA G, I don’t recall hearing the earlier version of Breakin’ Up either. Was it from the L.A.M.B. fashion show mashup? I’d like to hear it. Breaking’ Up is a catchy song. I never understood why it’s so hated. Same about Waiting Room.

    And Bob, you’re not a STAN, but clearly you’re a HATER, So why bother coming here posting?

  25. I don’t see how it could be the fashion show one since it’s the same song with The Sound Of Music (or whatever it is) over it?? Are they talking about that or something else? I don’t see it on any ND fan site.

    1. ^ You’re so boring dude. Lighten up! So much negativity won’t take you anywhere. If you’re not a fan of her solo then move on or at least post some constructive criticism.

  26. Amanda G – I remember the Breaking Up Snippet, half of the Sweet Escape have a few leaked tracks way before it came out..
    i cant recall being leaked months or year or so before TSE was released

    Wind it up
    The Sweet Escape
    Candyland – Not Released but i wish it was on the album
    Orange County Girl
    Breaking up

    look up the first LAMB fashion show 2005

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